Dry cleaning a bag?


Dec 27, 2006
So my friend poured an entire drink of vodka and cola all over my brand new botkier bag (it is black, thank god) but still - i fee like it ruined the bag - i mean it was literally drenched in alcohol

Does anyone know if its a good idea to take it to the dry cleaners - i mean they do leather coats and stuff - but this leather is so soft, will it ruin the leather?


somebody stop me!
Jan 23, 2006
I've never taken my purse to a drycleaner before,it's always worth a try. I'm sure they will advise you if they can clean it!

I would just try using some baby wipes and then leaving that baby outside (not in direct sunlight) for a couple of days and see how it is!
Good luck
Feb 19, 2007

I suggest taking a bag worth that much to a specialist in fine handbags only.

Many here trust www.lovinmybags.com . There are many threads on this company here, just search for them. They REALLY care about handbags and know exactly what to do to clean them properly. I have a bag into them right this moment.

Call Barbara at lovinmybags and talk with her via phone.

And whatever you do, DO NOT try to clean your bag on your own, not one with this extent of damage. I almost ruined a Gustto by trying to clean, clean and clean a stain, making it much worse, ruining the ph of the leather.

You may wish to take a pic of the bag right now so after it's cleaning, we can see a side by side of the result.

Good luck.


Jan 6, 2006
I agree with Salerep. I'm not sure what the alcohol content and acidic cola can do to the leather but you need to have it professionally cleaned.

LovinMyBags cleaned my Botkier of a Big Coffee spill. It was 125.00 plus shipping to and from but it's worth it on a new 500 dollar bag.