Dry and flaky nose in winter? solution please!!

  1. my nose and chin get so flaky and dry in winter, even after i exfoliate..actually the more i exfoliate, the worse it gets.. anyone has the same problem? what's your solution?
  2. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is great for very dry and peeling/flaky areas
  3. maybe you should stop exfoliating for a while.
  4. ^^^Agreed. That can irritate skin that is irritated and guess what happens? You guessed it: it flakes even more.

    As much as I hate Puffs Plus tissues, they are kinder on my nose even though they are, shall we say: less effective. What type of moisturizer do you use? If you have patchy spots, a heavy duty night cream used just on those areas during the day as well as night will help. Also, do you use a washcloth to remove your makeup or wash your face? If so, you need to stop that for a while too. Just use a gentle, hypoallergenic cleanser (I use the sensitive skin Olay cleanser) and only use your hands to massage it in. Don't use anything warmer than lukewarm water. Hot water is rough on skin too.

    I know what you are going through! I HATE IT when the skin around my nose peels. It looks like......well we ALL know what it looks like! :yucky:
  5. I use Clinique moisturizer!
  6. I fought with something similar, and it turned out to be excema. The more I tried to get rid of the flakes, the worse it got. Cortisone creams worked for awhile, but the best solution I've found is La Mer. I tried a small jar of it after I read that it was originally created as a healing cream. I use it on the excema-prone areas every night, and I have not had any problems since!
  7. drink lots of water and moisturize like theres no tomorrow.
  8. I have to agree with bagnshoofetish. It happened to me before & I just moisturized every single day giving special attention to the dry flaky area. I got rid of the dryness & flakes in just over a week. I was using L'Occitane Ultra Rich Face Cream then.

  9. Try putting some aquaphor on it before you go to sleep :smile: I use that when my nose is flaky from colds.
  10. OMG! Thanks for this thread, I thought that I was the only one with the nose flaking problem!!