drunken bird vs. tanned reptile

  1. ok let us say you would need a polished alternative to gold togo you only wear black or white sometimes grey what would you choose and why?
    cognac ostrich or fauve (matte barenia) croc both gold hrdw,
    any other suggestions are greatly appreciated as i am not the best person when it comes to browns
    thanks my lovely ladies for helping me greatly appreciated :heart:
  2. i am totally in love love love deep mad love with fauve barenia matte croc.
  3. Raisin ostrich? Go look at the raisin ostrich Bolide one of the other members posted, it is a great color. I have two bags in raisin and it goes with everything!
  4. I'm with GG here! This would be tdf!
  5. Cognac is my fave color in ostrich. But, as it ages, it turns a medium-dark shade of brown (at least that is what has happened to my watch strap). What about gold ostrich? It is a few shades lighter than cognac.
  6. both cognac ostrich or fauve (matte barenia) croc both gold hrdw sound divine, but I think the matte barenia croc would be my choice hands down - very very unusual - so neutral - so gorgeous!

    Are you close to making a purchase lilach?? :jammin: :wlae:

  7. thank you gracekelly :shame:

    but I still would LOVE the matte barenia croc - whoohooo!

    What sort of bag are we talking here?
  8. if you do go with fauve barenia croc...make sure you get a security system because I am breaking in!
  9. gucci :upsidedown::lol:

    ah and forgot it is about a birkin

    raisin ostrich is tdf but have it already i definately need something compareable to gold togo colorwise as i would love to carry it with a more casual attire (like marlene pants tunic or silk lingerie top or wrap blouse+ flats something like that) i really need a no worries go and grab it bag that is less polished or out there ott then the ones i have kwim
  10. oui my dear. the thing is i recently found out while i am a colorful bag girl at heart i need a grab and go bag from time to time (that has been gold togo up to now but i want variety) while the bags i have are my grails (all with the exception of the togo are colored or very light neutrals) i found out they sometimes do not work or are
    inappropiate or just to "in your face" especially when travelling
  11. i was going to say vert anis lizard!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but then i see you wrote croc as a choice...and i did see a "fauvre" crocodile birkin at the H cocktail party recently but it didn't look barenia-ish to me, so i'm not sure it was fauve but gosh it was gorgeous!
  12. Croc. No need to worry about discoloring handles.

  13. I couldn't agree more. Matte Barenia Croc is amazing. Cognac croc is beautiful as well
  14. Its got to be a bird

  15. Croc... you can dress it up or dress it down. It's a classic...