Drunk guys are SUCH IDIOTS!! **Rant**

  1. OK so last night was so fun...I met up with my friend and we went to LV and then Z Tejas to eat dinner.I then met my fiancee at his friend's house to catch the end of that Couture v. Sylvia (sp??) UFC fight.I was sitting on a low chair and this guy who was somewhat drunk was smoking a cigar. He moved behind me and continued to smoke it.He then DROPPED HOT ASH in my hair and on my leg!!!It started sizzling in my hair and I was so scared that my hair was going to light on fire. I started crying and ran to a sink and a mirror, desparately trying to pick all of the pieces of burning hot ash out.He was like "Oh wow sorry" and I was so upset, my SO and I left.He even burned a hole in my favorite pair of pants!!!When I went home, I hopped in the shower to get the smell out of my hair. When I was brushing my wet hair out with a comb, CLUMPS were coming out. I was hysterical--there are also burn marks all over my scalp!Sorry for the long rant...I have just NEVER had ANYTHING like that happen to me before...the guy who did this to my really irritates me because you should know better than to smoke a CIGAR over someone's head!!Thanks for listening! :smile:
  2. That's awful....some people have no common courtesy..are the burns very severe?
  3. OMG X( that is so rude. I truly hope you weren't hurt, that's the most important thing. and I'm so sorry about your hair & pants :sad:

  4. Only one of the burns is severe...it is oozing a clear fluid!! Yuuuck...I have been applying Neosporin to it. :sad: Thankyou so much for your sympathies...I am feeling very sorry for myself today!!
  5. You should really have that looked at if it's oozing clear fluid. That really stinks- some people have no common sense or decency.
  6. What an A-Hole! I hate it when guys smoke cigars, but couple that with general drunken retardedness and I feel like strangling them! Do you know who that guy was? Seriously, he owes you a new pair of pants!
  7. Oh my gosh!! I would be beyond upset. I feel terrible for you. Be careful with any hair care products, until your burns heal. What an insensitive jerk, he most certainly should have known better. (((hugs)))
  8. ^^^Watch out for your shampoo, too. Can you air-dry your hair for the time being?
  9. Yes. They are.
    My ex grabbed my lit cig once, burning me and my coach purse. Then he called me an "ass hat" ???

    Last weekend, on our 3 mo anniversary my bf took me to the bar with his brothers. He got so freaking drunk... Was staring at some chick's butt for the longest time (Told him 3 times to stop staring!) He informed me many times of how much he loves his "friends and brothers" (Note: no mention of me.) Then we got home, I got a pat on the head goodnight and he went and puked in his bed.
    Needless to say I was not amused and spent the night on his roommate's couch. Sigh.
  10. I don't mean to hijack this thread, but Darwin, it's time to upgrade your boyfriend. He sounds really immature.
  11. Couturegrl, so sorry to hear this happened to you. I hope you feel better soon! Go buy yourself a new pair of pants!
  12. Ha. I did upgrade from the burned-coach-guy. The barf-in-the-bed guy is great besides that night. First and last time I go out with him and his brothers.
  13. I sure do agree with the title of this thread! :yes:
  14. OMG that's terrible!!! You're not over reacting at all, I would be hysterial..

    I hope your scalp is better now, please have it checked out, and so sorry to hear about your pants as well.

    What he did was totally unacceptable, can't you sue him or something?? He did harm you for sure.
  15. awww...maybe you should get it checked out, if it's oozing.