Drunk elephant skincare?

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  1. Has anyone tried the drunk elephant skincare products? After having read some very good reviews, I am very curious of this brand.
  2. I just bought the vitamin c serum. I've only been using it for about a week, but I like it so far. I've been using the Skinceuticals CE, and am replacing it with this.

    I've been reading a lot about the brand too, and curious about the other products.
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  3. I, too have the DE vitamin C serum. It smells better than others I have tried. I fear it is causing some breakouts, though.
  4. I like the night serum. Hate hate the vitamin C serum, the smell is horrible. The facial oil seems nice, I only used my sample a few times. I got a sample of the Vitamin B serum but have not tried it yet. I did see reviews that were pretty negative for the sunscreen lotion.

    I think it is a OK line but not something I would repurchase.
  5. I tried the Glycolic Night Serum on my hand in Sephora and within minutes I broke out in a rash. Since then, I have been too scared to try anything on my face. I am probably in the minority with this brand because my skin can be ultra sensitive to certain products and ingredients.
  6. I'm on my second bottle of the glycolic night serum. I alternate it nightly with retinol cream. Love, love LOVE it! Tried the vitamin C serum but like others hated the smell (reminded me of vomit) and it took waaaay too long to dry before I could continue with my morning skincare and makeup routine. That got returned.
  7. Thank you all for your replies! Once it is possible to order from overseas I'll place an order!
  8. Just to give you an idea, I've found a bottle of the night serum lasts me about six months using it every other night. It's way expensive, but if you're gonna invest in anything, make it good serums and moisturizers. Makeup can only cover up so much, plus there's the whole aging thing.
  9. I fully agree with you!
  10. I haven't noticed any smell from the vitamin C. I've been using a large sample they made me at Sephora. I need to finish my skinceuticals before I open my full bottle, I hope I don't get turned off when I open the full size.