Drunk driving - snitch for calling the cops?

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  1. Last night, on our birthday ride through downtown with our Starbucks teas, Megs noticed a red Neon anno 1995, banged up with three teenagers in it, acting mighty obnoxiously. By obnoxious, I mean listening to loud rap / hiphop while cursing at a black lady in another lane the n-word. If that was not bad enough, they were passing around a 40 oz. bottle of beer, chugging away, including the driver.

    We got pissed and decided to call the local hotline to report DUIs, gave them the car description and license plate. We don't know about the fate of those passengers, but we hoped all night that the cops (that were out by the dozens last night) had busted them.

    What's your opinion on reporting drunk driving? Snitchy behavior or necessary duty for responsible citizens?
  2. Necessary duty! You could have saved someone's life!
  3. I think that was totally the right thing to do,
    I hope they got caught before they caused any damage.
    Well done for reporting them! , i would have done the same.
  4. Definitely necessary... can you imagine what could've happened? And I don't stand by racism at all!
  5. Def. Necessary duty! I would do it in a flash! Who knows how many lives you could be saving? Including those of the teenagers.
  6. We did the same thing. One night we were driving home and the car in front of us was all over the road, even hitting a curb at one point. There was a small child in the front seat so we felt as if it was our obligation to call the police.
  7. I was so angry after... like livid. They were actively drinking and driving. Doing it like it was nothing. It scared me and then we decided that we HAD to call. I felt so nervous calling, but I gave all the info and I really hope they got them.

    If you ever call, they will ask where the car was seen last, which direction it was going, the make and color of the car and the license plate number.

    Anyhow, then I ranted to Vlad for at least 30 minutes about how angry it made me.
  8. I think you absolutely did the right thing calling the police. As much as police are cracking down on drunk driving, it is impossible for them to be everywhere and spot everyone driving drunk. They rely on citizens calling in suspected drunk drivers. I used to clerk for a judge and about 1/2 of all the drunk driving cases we saw started because a citizen called because of a suspected drunk driver.
  9. Congratulations on doing something 90% of Americans WONT do! If more people would do that, maybe people would think before they did stupid sh*t like DUI.
    I did this, and took it a step further by following the vehicle(At a safe distance, while on the phone with the police) until the police arrived.
    Ive been hit by a driver under the influence of alcohol AND pain medication! I was sitting at a red light-I was the ONLY one on the road, and he hit me from behind at 55 MPH without even trying to brake. If only someone would have called the cops on him :shocked:.
  10. Jason and I did this a few months ago. We were driving up the keys to Marathon and this guy in front of us was ALLLLLLLLL over the road. He was in front of us when we pulled out from Key haven. He swerved around over the line for miles it seemed. We were afraid to pass him, as you know its a one lane road for EVER. I called the cops. AND what freaked me out even more was we passed a few cops along the way that did not even notice!!! Now, Im a big drinker but you could not PAY me any amount of money to get behind the wheel after even ONE drink. I have every cab number in my cell, and also memorized. You all did the the right thing FOR SURE. I applaud you.
  11. I think you def did the right thing. great of both of you to do that. You could have saved someone's life lastnight - or even those 3 teenagers in the car.
  12. I think it's great you guys called the cops. I would have done the same!
  13. You definitely did the right thing. I can't believe people are so unbelievably stupid as to drink and drive. You might have saved someone's life by taking action :tup:
  14. Good for you guys! You are making your community safer!
  15. Good Job....I couldn't get through the number when I saw this guy all over the lanes on the freeway, so I called my then bf, gave him all the info, and he called it in for me.

    Sad to think that most people don't call to report such idiots.