Drunk dial...

  1. id like to get some thoughts of what you girls think on this... i have an ex bf that i became good friends with and he knows im getting married.. but one day he was drunk and he called me (drunk dial) and told me that he still loved me and asked me how i felt .. he was going on and on about how hed we were and how it was his fault for never telling him this .. it was so ackward to hear all this. anyways fast foward.. next day he talked to me he told me he didnt remember what he said and when i told him he apologized and said he didnt remember saying anything and that he didnt mean it that way.. so what do you guys think? is he completely lying or do you really think he doesnt remember a thing? i mean i have been drunk in my days but i dont ever call people and not remember anything that was said?? :confused1:
  2. Yeah sometimes I've wondered about that...a guy I know says that kind of stuff but he remembers it to the detail. Then when I ask if he remembers and means what he says, he never denies that he does.
    I'm thinking he probably does remember, just is afraid that you'll get mad about it or something and he wants to apologize just in case it made you mad or weirded you out.
  3. IMO: He remembers but he is embarrassed that he acted like a fool! I would be embarrassed too! LOL It's easy to just shake it off if you blame it on being drunk!
  4. Does it matter to you if he meant it or not? You are marrying somebody else? If you don't have feelings for him, just leave it alone! Don't analyse it. If he has feelings for you, and you don't feel the same, then it's his problem not yours.
  5. That is my guess. Whether he "really meant it" or not is irrelevant, since you are getting married, it is reasonable to assume that you are now in love with someone else, and in a much deeper sense of the expression than was the case with your ex-boyfriend.

    The politest thing to do is to accept his explanation, and not remember the incident at all, should he ever bring it up again.
  6. It seems that you have moved on and he hasn't.
  7. to answer leanbeenie question.. no it doesnt matter if he meant it or not but it did make me feel uncomfortable because we became such good friends after the break up that it came as a shock to me. Since then we left it as is... and hes dating someone else but ironically he keeps telling me that the girl hes dating has alot of similarities as me.. i wonder if its hard for him to be friends with me.
  8. Just leave it, hun. Accept his explanation. Don't analyse it. If you want to continue to be friends then let it be. Let him sort out his issue. You can't help him. If you SO finds out, he may not be happy and it will give you a bigger headache. Talking from experience here... :sad: If you don't have feelings for your ex, let him sort it out for himself. You can't help him get over YOU.
  9. My ex got really drunk once and told me he still had feelings for me and hated my current boyfriend. In the morning he didn't remember a damn thing and when I told him what he said he was genuinely shocked. I think your ex could be telling the truth, but like others have said, who cares?
  10. ITA. He's probably embarrassed, but in the end it doesn't matter because you're marrying someone else.
  11. Let it be. :yes:
  12. Of course he remembers! Otherwise, he wouldn't have called!
  13. I'd let it go too... Seems to be the best thing to do in this situation, since you have no control over his feelings - whether platonic or otherwise, and harping on it might just make things more weird for both you.

    Congrats on ya upcoming wedding!! :flowers:
  14. Yep, I want to say it could be true on some level. But who knows so let it be. Congrats on the engagement and kudos for keeping up a friendship. I would love to be friends with the exes. Life is too short so why not be friendly with someone who was once the most significant person in your life (well unless they're psycho or can't get over you, then let them sort their issues out by themselves!)
  15. Thank you for all your advice!! i will let it be cus in the end i have a good man at home waiting for me and i wouldnt change that for anything!!:heart: