Drumroll, please . . . My First Balenciaga

  1. I just wanted to share my first Balenciaga with someone who would appreciate it (there is no one at my house who would).:crybaby:

    Anyway, she is a lilac hook and I think she's pretty. I can't buy any more bags for awhile because my husband is getting, um, agitated. Without further ado . . .

    Edit: The color is prettier in person and I may have stuffed her a bit too much for the photos, but you get the idea . . .
    photos 194.jpg photos 195.jpg photos 197.jpg photos 196.jpg photos 200.jpg
  2. Beautiful! Congrats.
  3. yippy, congrats to you Rondafaye, your lilac hook is gorgeous :love:

    p.s. it makes me long for the lilac work i just sold :crybaby:
  4. :drool: o0o0o0o00o so beautiful

    thanks for sharing :flowers:
  5. This bag is just the right size, imo. It's not the big one, and it's not too small either.
  6. I love the hook bags and lilac is such a lucious color. congratulations.
  7. Congrats! The leather looks beautiful!:yahoo:
  8. what a pretty color Rondafaye!!! Congrats and enjoy her!! :yahoo:
  9. Thanks, everyone. I don't know anyone else who loves bags, so it's nice to find ya'll to share my excitement.
  10. Congrats, the bag looks awesome!
  11. OH MY...the color and leather looks yummy! :heart:
  12. That is a GREAT looking bag! Congrats!!
  13. I think I'm going to have to wear something that goes nicely with lilac to work tomorrow!
  14. I love it so much Ronda! Love the lilac with the silver!!! Use it well!
  15. WOW, I really love that bag. My mom just got a white one and I didn't think it was that nice. I guess I didn't pay attention because I am loving your new bag. :yes: Does the strap fit easily over your shoulder? Can you take a pic and show how it fits on your shoulder? ** adds this bag to my wish list**:drool: