*Drumroll* ... Got My *school Bag* (Betty) this Morning!

  1. My Betty arrived today, as I asked for overnight shipping. I got a GREAT deal, and the shipping wasn't bad.

    I played with her by putting my stuff in her and her pockets.

    She's lightweight enough!

    The leather is so soft, I want to liken it to a velvety dessert, for some reason. :shrugs: (It's texture is soft and velvety, and it's thin, it's not the same soft as my Paddy.)

    I think it's a great school bag, and I can take out the books to bring out on weekdays. :love: It'll never be a Paddington, but it's nice and stylish.

    One question, what's the official colour name? She doesn't have her Chloe' tag.

    Oh and I've named her Sugar Plum, because she was dancing in my head last night :love: and her colour is Plum. :yes:


    It's neat, she kind of looks like a backpack, but on one shoulder. :smile:
    100_1233.JPG 100_1234.JPG
  2. oh congratulations, that is a gorgeous bag, and that colour is so nice.
    When you have a mo, can you post a piccie of your carrying it. I would love to see how it hangs and how long the strap is.

    Well done, you have a stunner there :biggrin:
  3. I love her!

    I would like that bag too!

  4. I :heart:LOVE:heart: the colour!
  5. Congratulations.
  6. Pretty :heart:
  7. Thanks everyone! I'm going to just refer to her as Plum because of what I named her. Also bordeaux, because she perfectly matches a bordeaux large hobo I have from Coach (never selling THAT though, even though it's dup-ish now, because I love this pink stitching it has). [But she might be Castor??]

    I'll take some more photos, including that one. I need to shower. I've felt sickish today, so I'm not showered yet. I'll do that now and have my mums photograph me with my two Chloes! (Separately)
  8. I love the color.
  9. The color is absolutely fabulous! I haven't seen this color before but she looks ravishing! YUMMY!!!! Congrats!!!!
  10. Yummy! The colour is gorgeous! Congrats! :heart:
  11. That's gorgeous!
  12. Gorgeous bag colour is aubergine I think
  13. I'm in my coat because I usually am when I'm out this time of year. ;)

    I only did it on my shoulder because the strap's too long for me to carry it any other way (if I hold it in my hand, because I'm 4'11", the bag nearly touches the ground).

    I took the photo with no books in it, so it's more hobo than tote. I figure most of you would wear it as a handbag and not with a tall notebook holding the shape up.
  14. Aubergine - thanks!
  15. I love the Betty's pockets. Its the next bag on my wishlist after I get another edith.