***drumroll*** ***dances and waves*** see this ladies!

  1. :party::party::drinkup:

    thanks to a fellow tPFer! she's gorgeous!!! how do u ladies like it?
    the vachetta was replaced before it was sold to me!!
    it looks brand new!
    interior is absolutely gorgeous!

    i can't believe i now have a CB piece! hope there'll be more to come!!!

    CIMG1064.JPG CIMG1066.JPG CIMG1067.JPG
  2. LOVE IT!!! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing, rensky!!!
  3. Wow, very nice.:love:
  4. LOVE IT! CONGRATS!! Now model!!
  5. It´s so cute! Gongratulations on another bag!!
  6. That is gorgeous!!!! I'll admit, I'm a little jealous!!! :yes: :girlsigh:
  7. beautifull!!! :love:
  8. Absolutely gorgeous!!!:tender:
  9. uuuhh I'm confused:confused1: It's not Damier:shocked:

    Just kidding:upsidedown: It's gorgeous Rensky:yahoo:congratulations:love:
  10. she's so pretty! :smile:
  11. :lol::lol::roflmfao:

    maybe i should take advantage of the 8% ****** today...:lol:
    NO! IM ON A PURSE BAN!! :yes:

  12. Lovely!:love:
  13. Beautiful!! Congrat's.
  14. Cute!
  15. I'm so jealous...this is the next bag on my list! It's beautiful!!!
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