drummed leather?

  1. any photo please?? i read this in several posts but i cant really tell what you ladies mean by drummed leather?? is it same as biker leather?? :sweatdrop::shame:
  2. No. The drummed leather looks like elephant hide IMO. There are pics of biker leather bags in the reference library here. There is a pic of a small bag on jchoo.com if you do a search for Zulu and click on the white one.
  3. oh my god.. i love it!! thanks for the reply
  4. There is also a Navy drummed leather Ramona bag on the NM website. If you've seen the Chloe Elvire bag, the leather texture is the same at that, only not as heavy as a Chloe.
  5. It's beautiful! Here's a picture:

  6. Wow. That is gorgeous. I have been pining for a navy bag forever! Now I have no excuse. :smile:
  7. The bag is stunning.