Drum rolls please......the WINNER for the H catalogue is....

  1. Hello again,

    Thank you for participating in my first raffle! At 10pm last night, I dropped 90 entries into my empty Jean-Paul Hevin chocolate. After a quick shuffle, dh has picked a winner.

    IMG_0734_edited.jpg IMG_0736_edited.jpg
  2. Our winner is:-

    - a die-hard Bag Lovah
    - over 1,500 posts
    - resides in the US
    - loves Blue Jean (think BJ Dogon wallet and BJ Birkin)
  3. Congrats!!
  4. Oh, that could be so many people! emanu1016? Hmm, who else - let me think.
  5. Eeek - I don't know who that is.....
  6. :popcorn:
  7. The person's name is on the tip of my tongue! ..uh.....
  8. LoveThatThing???
  9. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whomever it is!!!!!!
  10. ******************CONGRATS #47!!! ********************

    MREE43 is the winner of our raffle:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:.

    Please PM me and let me know where to send the Super Collection catalogue.
  11. hey, JAG -- maybe it's you!!!

    ETA: scratch that -- congrats mree43!!!!!!
  12. Yeah Mree - congratulations!!!!! Woo hoo
  13. Congrats mree!!!
    LTC - such a sweet thing to do, but then again you are a real sweetheart!
  14. Congrats Mree!!!!!:yahoo:
  15. :yahoo:Congrats!!!!:yahoo: