DRUM ROLL PLEASE...The Unveiling!!!

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  1. Sorry to disappoint you all...I do not have a new bag!:crybaby: But...

    Your mods have worked to give you all a new addition to the Hermes reference section. It will be as helpful and successful as you make it. We need you to contibute whenever you have the time and as much as you can. PLEASE follow the instructions and give as much detail as you can per post. Most importantly, PLEASE DO NOT CHATTER!!!!

    I can tell you I have spent hours cleaning all the old threads and it is tiring and quite boring. I did that so it would be easy for all of us to refer back through and not have to deal with so many silly posts. I BEG YOU NOT TO CHATTER!!!

    Have fun and if you see that we need anything else please feel free to let us know!:yes:

    (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...Credit your source if you take a pic and place it in any of the new threads. It is the proper thing to do.)
  2. ...LOL, I was all set to see bag porn!! But this is good, too!!

    Thank you for all you do to make our H subforum such a happy place in which to enable our obsessions!

    OMG, this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  3. Wooohoo!! Thanks KB and all the other mods who worked on this!! The reference section looks AWESOME!!!:wlae: Your hard work is greatly appreciated!:flowers:
  4. KB - I thought for sure this would be your new bag!!!
    But this is almost as good... Thanks to the H mods for all of your hard work!!
  5. PGN you are welcome...Jag and I worked on it for everyone.
  6. Thanks Kellybag and Jag! The library looks great!
  7. KB & jag, thank you!! the mods really are the best....we are super lucky to have you all working so hard :smile:
  8. Wow, that's great! It will be so easy to find information. Thank you :smile:
  9. Dear Kellbag and Jag:

    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH times 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've been checking all of the past thread for hours trying to find out more about style and color and this REALLY made my life easier!!!

    Maybe our fellow pfers can also include their
    purchase price for our ease of reference TOO???

    Also, any ways to include the sizes in each style and dim of each bag???

  10. can i ask a question about the new reference section - should the pics only be of bags tPf members own, or of any pics collected on the internet of that particular style?
  11. Thank you!!!! :yahoo:
  12. Many thanks!!
  13. ^^^I knew HHeels would be itching to add to that bolide thread!! :yes:
  14. Just enjoy everyone! And if you have any suggestions or comments, please PM either me or Kellybag!
  15. FANTASTIC, KB!!! It's going to be great!!!!