DRUM ROLL Please...*PICS* of my Bronze Reissue 226!!

  1. It's finally HERE!!!:yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo:

    It's even more amazing than I imagined and it can look so different under different lighting and angles because of the slightly metallic finish. :tender:

    I'm sooooooooo crazy over that distressed leather and aged hardware finish! It's Unbelievable! :love:

    I know pics have been posted previously, hope you guys don't mind seeing them again and apologies for the many pics...I'm just so excited!:yahoo:

    More pics with me carrying it tomorrow...it's 1.20am here! :upsidedown:

    Reissue Itself TPF.jpg Reissue Front Scarf TPF.jpg Back Reissue Scarf TPF.jpg Reissue Close_UP TPF.jpg Reissue Inside TPF.jpg
  2. OMG that is beautiful !
  3. WOW...Im in love....
  4. NICE............congrats!
  5. That's a real beauty!!! congrats!
  6. Congrats to you! I received mine on Wednesday, and I agree the bag is so beautiful!
  7. Beautiful bag, love the McQueen scarf too!
  8. WOW, it's sooooo beautiful:love: :girlsigh:!!! What color is the hardware? Also, may I please know the retail? Thank you:smile: and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  9. wow, gorgeous bag, congrats! :biggrin:
  10. The 226 is $1995.
  11. Thank you all ladies for your compliments and your kind words!! :tender: I can't wait to carry it!

    tlprmn, congrats on yours too! :flowers:

    alexcluvlv, the hardware is Aged Silver and it retails for $1995. ;)
  12. It is TDF!!! Congrats
  13. Congrats - love it!
  14. WOW :wtf:
  15. What a STUNNER!!! :graucho:

    Love it! (and your McQueen scarf too!)

    Thanks for posting pics!:flowers: