drum roll please.... panda cles is here! pics posted

  1. he immediately makes my current lv's look 200% cuter. i can't wait to see it on a damier azur speedy. its precious and i love it. :love: i also picked up a new chanel necklace the other day on sale at Neimans... i hardly have any gold toned jewelry, but now with my growing lv obsession I've gotta accomodate all that prety brass hardware.
  2. How cute!! it makes me want one!
  3. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: This is sooo cute:girlsigh: Thanks for all the great pics:flowers: Nice Chanel necklace:graucho:
  4. it's adorable! I love it hiding in the perfo pochette!
  5. cute!
  6. Aww.. I love how he looks with the wapity !
  7. SOOO CUTE! i want one sooooo bad.
  8. Aww that's adorable love the panda :nuts:
  9. OMG he is so cute hiding in the perfo pochette!!! Now I want a perfo pochette for my panda cles too! Adorable!!!
  10. Lovely! Enjoy them both in good health!
  11. He is so cute. I am starting to want one of these. Congrats!
  12. :yahoo:LOVE IT!!! Thank you for sharing!!!:wlae:
  13. simply adorable !!! love it!
  14. Congrats on the Panda! He's so cute! I love your necklace also.
  15. The Panda looks SOOOO effing cute inside the outside pocket of your Perforated Pochette. :P
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