Drugstore foundation

  1. Anyone recommend any as being as good or even almost as good as the more high-line brands? :tdown::tup:
  2. Honestly, I LOVE Loreal Paris Feel Naturale foundation. It is a cream foundation that comes with a sponge. It gives good coverage without being too heavy and its super easy to travel with and apply quickly because powder isn't necessary, you could wear it by itself because it gives a matte finish.
  3. Thanks for the tip! Sometimes I don't feel like spending a fortune on foundation and then wearing it on days when I need a little makeup for running to the store, but not really 'going out', you know what I mean? Makeup adds up ... and your suggestion sounds nice ... thanks again!
  4. Neutrogena healthy skin enhancer (more of a tinted moist.) Looks really expensive when applied!
  5. For drugstore brand I like LOreal's VisableLift i think its called. blends well, matches my skin pretty much perfectly, I usually keep one in my bag for a just in case situation :smile:
  6. Thanks girls! You are so helpful.
  7. L'Oreal True Match ROCKS. I love Lancome but ever since my favorite one got discontinued I have searched everywhere to find something similar. I use Alabaster, their lightest shade in the cool color range and it's perfect as I'm extremely fair with ruddy cheeks.
  8. I've tried L'Oreal, Revlon, and Cover Girl... all made my skin break out in rashes. I have sensitive skin, so I use Sue Devitt. I'm not a cosmetics snob - I use Revlon Fantasy Lash Mascara - but I try to be careful about what I put on my skin...
  9. L'oreal Infalliable is a good thick, super long lasting foundation. It reminds me of a foundation Clinique used to sell in the 90's. It came in a tube and it would supposedly stay on through anything. That's how this stuff is; it doesn't budge til you wash it off, yet it doesn't look heavy.

    The L'oreal mineral foundation is also decent if you open up the container and use better brushes.
  10. I really like Cover Girl Advanced Radiance- but it's more for us 'older' girls (I jokingly call it CG Advanced Age, lol!)
  11. I recently tried Almay's liquid foundation,the one that changes color according to you skin (color) I am not good at putting foundation all the time.sometimes I put uneven etc. and this solved my problem
  12. Maybelline Age Rewind or Revlon Colorstay
  13. Thanks everyone for the recommendations!
  14. I love Rimmel's Renew and Lift, gives a dewy, semi-matte finish and doens't cause breakouts
  15. i am freelance makeup artist, only drug store foundation i like is revelon color stay... i can be compared to any hiline foundation