drugstore.com f&f starts Wednesday

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  1. It is such a let-down, since only selected brands are qualified for the 20% off. >.<
  2. Thanks op! I'm getting my clarisonic with Bing 20% CB. :woohoo:
  3. Are the brands that are listed on the link the only ones that are included?
  4. i'm glad bliss is on there, but i wish a few of my other fave brands were too.
  5. I think the F&F sale will probably be through an email link so you will not be able to use it bing , that is how they usually do all their promos.
  6. Be very on top of your drugstore.com purchases through bing. I'm currently fighting them for a $102 purchase I made with their 20% cb - I'm getting TONS of emails from both drugstore.com and bing saying it's invalid, (but it's not, I didn't use any promo codes or anything) and they are saying I went through a different cb site that I haven't even heard of...... bing is saying drugstore didn't report the purchase.... it's a MESS. If I don't get the 20% cb, I'll return the entire purchase and they lose.

    And according to threads on slickdeals, this is very typical of drugstore.com.
  7. Thanks for the tip! That's horrible of drugstore.com.
  8. I've had the same problem... every time I use bing cb with drugstore.com there's a problem and I have emails going back and forth for days.

    The main reason I use drugstore.com is because the CS at sephora has gotten so bad, but the issues with the cb are super frustrating!
  9. Thank you for the heads-up. The only brand listed that I am interested in at this time is Philosophy.