Drugstore.com 40% off beauty items

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  1. Thank you!
    There are some Philosophy products in the Makeup section and I could get the extra 40% off.
    Just purchased the miracle worker full trial kit for $19.20 (usually $40) and to get the free shipping I added the present clear makeup for $13.44 (usually $28).
    Great deal!

    Also if you go through eb**e, you can get 12% cash back.
  2. This sale forum gets me into too much trouble!
  3. Ditto. Now addicted to drugstore.com, ha! Good thing the coupon code is only good once per account.
  4. Did you get the 40% to work on Philosophy? I had heard the deal through a youtube guru who made a video and she said it was only drugstore products.
  5. Not all Philosophy. Only things in the Makeup section. It worked for me. You can select the brand from the left side menu on the makeup & accessory page. then you can see the selection.

    Also right now, many Philosophy items are 20% off. So even without 40%, you can save some.
  6. Forget sephora! I'm running here lol
  7. It doesn't work on LaRoche Posay, Boots and Klorane. I put a bunch of stuff in my cart the other night (Monday) and it only took the 40% off my 'true' drugstore items like Yes To, L'Oreal, etc.
  8. Worked on Boots for me. As long as it is in their Makeup&Accessories category.
  9. ^^^
    All of my stuff was from skincare, that's why (because it did let me buy the No. 7 cover-up).

    The Out The Door topcoat is on there and it is an AWESOME top coat. I like the finish more than Seche Vite, but it dries just as fast and doesn't get goopy anywhere near as fast.
  10. Did elf brushes work for anyone? Its not working for me.
  11. Were they under makeup?

    I noticed some of the real technique brushes were under the 40% but not the one's I wanted.
  12. oh, it's selective items, then maybe that's why it didnt work.
  13. Thanks for the code. Stocked up on some favorites.