Drugstore Blush?

  1. Are there any amazing drugstore blushes out there? I currently use Nars and Lancome, but for everyday work look, I don't need to use anything so fine lol. So I am looking to save some $, but I want something that goes on smoothly and lasts throughout the work day. Any suggestions? I also prefer a powder, but am open to suggestions, thanks.
  2. Sorry this doesn't help much, but I've tried more than a couple of drugstore blushes and I didn't like any of them. There's something about Nars/Lancome type brand ones that just make them apply nicer on my cheeks. However, there might be a drugstore brand that maeks good blush, and I just never found it... sorry I didnt help
  3. this isn't a drugstore brand but for inexpensive blushes i really like everyday minerals. they're available only from the everyday minerals site but there's a huge range of colors and you can try one for free in the free sample set.
  4. You know how with some of the drugstore blushes, you have to whip up a storm with your brush to get enough color to your cheeks? I typically found in the past that those brands had less intensity or concentration of pigment than higher- end brands.

    Well, I discovered the Cover Girl "Cheekers' powder blush has a lot of nice pigment! Like a more expensive blush. No more blushstorms ,LOL
  5. I have one Covergirl cheekers that I use. I can't remember the name, but it's a deep hot pink that comes out the coolest color on me. It's so fab, and I think it was only ~$3!!! I've also used Revlon cream blush and L'Oreal Blush Delice and I like both of those a lot.

    My new favorite is Revlon Pinch Me gel blush (in Cheeky Cherry). I bought it on impulse and it looks really nice-- natural and rosy, nice texture, long lasting. It gives those cute innocent dolly cheeks, which I love. It's gotten mixed reviews, because people aren't shaking it before they apply it. You have to shake it first and then just pump ONE drop onto a sponge and blend it on, or it can be messy. BUT, the result is so worth it! I've also used it on my lips and that works too! :tup:
  6. I like the Neutrogena blush. It's the one that has little checkerboard squares on it. Sorry, can't think of the exact name.
  7. Thanks for the ideas! I will be checking some out. Thankfully, CVS has a return policy if you try makeup and are not satisfied with it.
  8. DONT BUY DIOR BRUSHES!! espcially the blush one. cheap thing (HA!) came in two!! $23 down the drain.
  9. Really??? I was just admiring the shades! Good to know! ^^^
  10. Milani, Jane and NYX have some nice blushes.
  11. JANE blush in earth is verrry similar to Nars Deep Throat.

    They're sheer, soft, and very long lasting!
  12. I have a blush from essence...Drug store brand and only cost me 1,99€ :biggrin: Looks great, too!
  13. Thanks! ;)
  14. +3 for Jane! I use it in blushing earth sheer (peach pink)
  15. It works great for me! Maybe u didn't pick the right color for u?
    Tip: Squeeze ur finger and the closest color would be the color that fit u best!