drug store vs expensive mascara

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  1. hello

    this can be a stupid question but is there really a difference between drug store and expensive mascaras? TIA.
  2. I find many drugstore mascaras to be just as good or even better than department store ones. Check reviews online for them. What do you usually se and what were you thinking of trying?
  3. I have tried both and i choose drugstore mascara, especially since it's something you should replace every 3 months and actually, i can't tell a diference between drugstore vs high end mascara
  4. I think a lot of the drugstore formulations are fine but I prefer the wands on the higher end mascaras. Sometimes I will keep the wands from my nicer mascaras like Armani eyes to kill and use it with my Rimmel mascara. Hehe!
  5. I like some from both. But if I had to say for sure, I find better performance from my higher end mascaras.
  6. I've used both and I honestly don't find a ton of difference. In fact, the only times I've ever had bad reactions to mascara was from high end brands (Diorshow was a nightmare for me). I stick with L'Oreal Voluminous and I am very happy.
  7. I might be in the minority because department store mascara are WAY better for me. I had tried L'Ordeal, Revlon, Marvelling, etc and they were awful. With some I couldn't get any length or volume and all of them smeared terribly. I even returned some because I was so disgusted. Last year I splurged and went high end and have been thrilled. I can now wear mascara on both top and bottom lashes with minimal to no smashing and get wonderful length and volume. I like Channel mascara and just ordered a Dior mascara.
  8. I use a drug store but in general I just go towards what doesn't irritate my eyes. Unlike a lot of people, I am not picky with mascara. I really liked the formula of clinique high impact though.
  9. I'm admittedly, a mascara junkie, I've tried hundreds. Truthfully, what's right for one isn't always right for another.
    I like drugstore waterproof formulas a lot and have one or 2 regular ones in my drawer that I use regularly. I have nothing against them, I'll happily use whatever works! Just so happens that the ones I'm reaching for consistently and daily are higher end.
  10. I've used both over the years, but usually due to the short shelf life and endless variety always went for drugstore brands. I recently treated myself to some higher end brands and have been incredibly disappointed. Volume de Chanel was too goopy and Diorshow took so much effort to build up and then flakes all day! I think I'll be sticking with my L'oreal and Covergirl from now on, but here's hoping the Eyes to Kill is one bright spot out of an otherwise wasted purchase!
  11. I use both high end and drugstore. For everyday wear I tend to go with drugstore.
  12. i've read online that mascara is one of the make ups that more expensive doesn't really make a difference. I think this is true. Plus it has to be replaced every 3 months so I don't want to invest in something that needs replacing that often.
  13. Lancome hypnose is my FAVORITE mascara in the whole wide world... if anyone knows of something similar at the drugstore, I'd love to hear about it. I just cannot keep up with the drugstore choices and most of the time I have no idea what kind of brush I'm buying so I don't bother. I haven't purchased a drugstore mascara in quite some time, though when I was younger there were a few I liked.

    Lancome Hypnose:

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  14. I agree with this.

    I use both, but tend to use the drugstore brand every day and i try to buy during the bogo specials to keep them rolling in and then use the high end on weekends or special occasions, I actually put on the high end mascara over the drugstore brand and found the combination works for me. The one that I have found to work the best for me is loreal voluminous millions for drugstore and chanel le volume for high end.

    I've probably tried hundreds of mascaras and I think you just need to find the one that works for you, some of my friends swear by covergirl and some love dior, but both of those did not work for me. I used to love the Bourjois liner effect mascara, and then they stopped selling it locally. I also agree that sometimes its the brush that makes the difference - this was true of the Bourjois for me.
  15. I really like the Keyvn Aucoin and Blinc mascara because they come off in tubes when you wash them off and they do not smudge which I found a lot of the drugstore mascaras do. They also irritate my contact lens.