Drug Store Skin Care

  1. For the ladies out there, who use "drug store" skin care products (and by that I mean things like Oil of Olay, Biore, Clean and Clear, St. Ives, Aveeno, Neutrogena etc), which products do you use and have found work?

    And what didn't work?!
  2. all my skin care products are from the drug store right now. my skin is super sensitive and i finally realized it's all the "special ingredients" that made it freak out. plus the price tag doesn't hurt. :smile:

    my favorites are purpose gentle cleansing wash (for oily/heavy makeup days), cetaphil (for dry/light makeup days) and luvs baby wipes (for when i'm lazy...which is most of the time). usually i skip the moisturizer (again with the lazy) but i do like dove sensitive skin moisturizer when my skin is drier than normal.
  3. ive been using loreal collagen filler and the wrinkle decrease eye cream and i think it works. my looks better than before, its softer and smoother.
  4. I'm kinda staying away from mass marketed products drug store or not.....Really most of the products are made similarly whether they are from Walmart or the Lancome counter. You do pay a little more for the department store brands because the ingredients they use are slightly better quality in general but they are still mostlly chemicals and very few wholesome ingredients. I don't like eating processed junk foods all the time, why would I want the equivalent in my skincare......I just go off the ingredients and sometimes you could find good stuff in drugstores, but I'm especially careful when it comes to what I use on my face....
  5. What do you use?
  6. I use Aveeno products and Purpose gentle cleansing wash (Johnson and Johnson). I've used several different face care products from department store counters, but I just find that the cheaper stuff works better for me! If I want to spend a little more, I usually go to Aveda, or find random things from Sephora.
  7. I got a tub of Noxemza cold cream a week ago for free and really like it. It keeps my face moisturized and skin soft.
  8. St. Ives apricot scrub to exfoliate.
    Neutrogena pore refining cleanser (which is in a tube and has a little exfoliating scrubby things in it too but not a whole lot).

    As far as what didn't work, I've stuck with this routine for years and years and it's the best thing for my skin.
  9. Huh, I would have never thought to use baby wipes for my face. I've got some that are alcohol-free that I used for my Louis Vuitton vachetta.
  10. Sonya Dakar, Jurlique, and some prescription vit. A products (sometimes). I am not AS strict with what I use on my body and my eye creams are sisley, cle de peau, creme de la mer, revive, and natura bisse (my fav's at least). I use to work as a makeup artist full time, now I do it on the side....I've tried lots of products, and not EVERYTHING I use is perfectly wholesome, but I find that the less crap in my skincare, the clearer and smoother my skin is.... I have so much stuff from lines I've worked for in the past and I use it on my body or in the shower, it's kinda funny sometimes b/c I'm putting cream on my arms and feet thinking :wtf: this stuff costs $75 a jar and I'm putting it on my feet, but I don't want to throw it away or put it on my face:upsidedown:
  11. for skincare, i like to use drugstore facewashes. i use the clean and clear sensitive skin face wash (clear gel in pump bottle) and St. Ives scrub. I also use the neutrogena blackhead reducing scrub
  12. I use oil of olay moisturizer (anti aging even though I'm only 24. I know it sounds crazy, but I like that better than the original formula because there is no fragrance and it's not pink). It's the best moisturizer I've ever used.

    It's difficult for me to find products that work for me. I've learned that expensive does not equate to better in the arena of skincare. I have a 95 dollar moisturizer that burned my skin (in conjunction with some other products that I used that a NY spa recommended to me...a waste of like 300 dollars). So now, my 8 dollar moisturizer does everything I need.

    I'm done with liquid foundation as well (I know OT). I just bought this Smashbox foundation that I think I will use when I need a little more coverage, but tinted moisturizer is working just fine right now. Everytime I use liquid, it burns or dries out my skin around my nose. I'm just getting over a bout with that right now. I tried out so many products this weekend that I think all that changing around just wore my skin out. So I've learned to stick to one foundation and don't fight it.
  13. i like to use aveeno face brightening daily exfoliator and for a moisturizer.. ive learned that pearl cream does wonders. It can be worn was a light coverage foundation.. since my skin is not that light i wear some tinted foundation over it... it is inexpensive-plus all natural so i figure it cant hurt. try it!!
  14. I love Cetaphil wash and Cetaphil lotion for my face. I love both because they don't dry my face out, remove all the dirt and oil, and moisturize well.
  15. Oil of Olay is my holy grail of moisturizers. I have tried Clinque to Dior, and I have gotten the best compliments about my skin since I switched to Olay.