drug store shampoo/conditioner that will not do what Pantene does for the hair?

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  1. Any rec's?
  2. What is you hair type?

    Paula Begoun about Pantene

    If you feel like you have buildup from conditioner, styling products etc. then use a clarifying shampoo every few washes like Suave Daily Clarifying which is what $1.29 & works excellent.
  3. Clairol and Herbal Essences
  4. My hair type is long, thick and wavy, but I have trained it do be straight. Have been straightening it for over 15 years.
  5. Aussie is wonderful.
  6. Is it coarsed textured or soft? Sorry, I'm trying to come up with the best choice. :yes:
  7. Another vote for Aussie here. I love their moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, as well as their deep conditioner and styling products.
  8. my hair has coarse and soft textures in it. .I have weird hair.
  9. Your hair sounds similar to mine I use Neutrogena Triple Moisture Cream Lather Shampoo. I also use the Suave Clarifying shampoo every few washes to help with residue.
  10. i use loreal vive.
  11. Redken all soft if I need products and I'm at the drug store.
  12. I like John Frieda's Brilliant Brunettes. He also makes one for blondes and redheads, depending on your haircolor.
  13. I have never been able to find a shampoo that does what it is suppose to do to it. Though I did get this "Straight" stuff in a purple bottle that worked really nice. But now I want something that gives my hair more volume. I am currently using herbal essences volume shampoo
  14. John Freida and Aussie products are great on my hair (thick, wavy w/ highlights).
  15. For some reason my hair doesn't take well to Aussie products. I have tried them in the past and my hair doesn't like it. I love Redkin all soft.. but I already have it in my shower. I want to try Brillant Brunette next.