Drowning ...

  1. Waaaaah ... I'm drowning ... It's raining posts ... and BAGS!!!!!:nuts: Congratulations again to all the fabulous ladies who had recently acquire H bags. There're so many!!

    Anyways, I know I owe some of you PM and responses so I don't want anyone to think that I'm ignoring anybody. But yeesh, I'm really drowning, can't keep up. Keep them posts and bags coming, ladies!
  2. Don't I know it! :lol: DH called and said I sounded "off". I didn't want to say it was cause I'm so freaking jealous of all you lucky ladies with all these new Kellys and Birkins! :lol:;) I'm super happy for you all!!! Loving the pictures. :flowers:
  3. No kidding, I was so busy today and now I see that almost everybody on the board bought something today. It is going to take me forever to catch up.
  4. Haha this is why this forum is dangerous. I will probably stop posting for a while until I'm ready to buy another Birkin!! :smile:
  5. i just joined and figured it was always like this. :nuts:
  6. This is the WEEK for Hermes, that's for sure! I can't even keep it straight who's getting what and who's already GOT what today....Let me see if I can re-cap....jump in when I've missed something!

    Just bought and/or waiting for delivery this week:

    Orchids: Rouge Vif Birkin, Vert Anis Birkin
    Dressage Queen: Blue Roil Chevre Kelly
    Japster: Vintage Meile Croc Kelly
    Croissant: Black Togo Birkin
    LaVan: 25cm Chocolate Kelly
    Shopmom: Vintage Cocoan Croc Kelly
    Pinkish Love: Rouge H Croc Birkin

    Good GOD! That's a LOT of Hermes!!!!!!!!

    Did I miss anyone? Oh, and let's not forget the OTHER Hermes items we've bought/waiting for: scarves, gloves, wallets ?????? :graucho:
  7. Wow this is one lucky H weeks for a lot of happy girls here!!! Enjoy all!
  8. yup yup!! congrats to everyone on their new purchases!!! :yahoo:

    Crochet - don't worry, our time will come...(:girlsigh: patiently waiting :girlsigh: )
  9. There's also Amkur (May) who got her Blue Jean JPG!!:nuts:
  10. you got cocoan?!?! *swooning*:girlsigh:
  11. Ladies.. this addiction is dangerous.. i thought once i get my crocodile birkin ill stop the endless search of Hermes bags.. but i found myself browsing and browsing for an ostrich birkin (orange/fuchsia).. ugh! I have to take a break.. I'm moving to a new house end of the year.. would need all the extra cash for decoration!

    I hope once i "actually" receive the crocodile birkin the fever will go down to normal! *fingers crossed mine and DH lol*
  12. Tell me about it. When I came back from my trip and logged in PF it was so overwhelming to see the amount of bags that the lucky ladies got!

    shopmom - By the way, my Kelly is not chocolate. It's "prune"!
  13. :girlsigh: waiting with fopduck :girlsigh: Congrats again to everyone! Wow that's impressive when you see em all listed like that!!! :yahoo:
  14. You lucky ladies need to send me some lucky H vibes and lucky H karma ~~:yes:

  15. HL.....well, I'm not SURE because its a vintage bag from the 1950's and we couldn't decided whether it was Cocoan or Etrusque or just plain Chocolate so we settled on Cocoan. I guess I'll know better once she arrives.....I can compare her color with Kristie's color chart and see where she matches best....:rolleyes:
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