Drouot: Boring or classic?

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  1. I'm looking for something is monogram canvas with minimal hardware. I really want something that I can wear for a long time. Something functional, not too flashy and not too huge. And I love having a zipper. Do you think the Drouot is boring or classic?

  2. I think it is a classic! You can wear it on your shoulder or messenger style, it has the lovely vachetta bottom, and the shape is to die for!Nothing that LV makes is boring - like it or not!
  3. Classic!:heart:
  4. i don't think its boring, but i personally don't love it. :\ it's too much of a mom purse...i probably think that b/c my mom had something similar when i was growing up. but if you love it, that's all that matters! :smile:
  5. Thanks, ladies! I am a mom...:shame: Maybe I'm starting to like "mom" bags.:lol:
  6. I think it's a classic, and a great bag. The only thing that would stop me personally from carrying it is the vachetta bottom.
  7. This bag belongs to the timeless classics category with bags such as Alma and Speedy. :heart:
  8. I have a Druout... and my only complaint is that the PTI wallet does not fit it very well. You definitely need a smaller wallet for this one.

    Other than that, I love this purse. It is very light and easy to manage.
  9. Thanks, ladies!
  10. Totally agreed, too small for me.

    Personally I love the vachetta bottom!
  11. I think it's a classic and beautiful but there are so many other LV bags I'd rather have before this one.
  12. its classic =D
  13. I think this is a beautiful bag... I considered this one, but went with the Damier Salsa instead...
  14. I love the drouot. It's classic LV and the long strap makes it a perfect messenger bag when you need hands free.
  15. It is very classic. It is shown on the at a slight ankle so you don't see too much. But if you wear it and face the mirror directly, the side looks very good.