drop speedy handels?

  1. Does anybody know this?
  2. never heard of it sounds interesting
  3. eh?
  4. what exactly is it? (is this contagious for my speedy?) :lol:
  5. the drop of the handels means the lengt from the top of the bag untill the end of the straps. For example at louis vuitton you can find the drop of the popincourt hout to be 8 till 10 inches.
  6. hmmmk.... so what's the question...? are you asking what the drop is for the speedy? cuz there are quite a few sizes that vary it.
  7. i'm not sure i maybe want a 30 or a 25
  8. :lol::lol:
  9. ...are you asking what the drop is so you can wear it on your shoulder or something? the speedy is a handheld bag, and can't be worn on the shoulder, unless you buy a shoulder strap.
  10. i know it's handeld i've gone a little crazy and making an cardbord one to seey how it looks but i don't know the drop. I want to check how it fits on my arms
  11. On my 35, the drop is about 3.5 inches (or about 8.9 cm). You'd have to be incredibly skinny to wear it as a shoulder bag!
  12. Xx

  13. No, it sounds like stupid spam... :suspiciou