Drop on medium ergo tote?

  1. I tried to search for this but I couldn't find it... What is the drop on the medium ergo tote? or the length of the handles? I have the large ergo tote.. is it the same as the medium?

    I am *fluffy* and I want to know if the medium will fit on my shoulder comfortably.

    Thanks everyone :flowers:
  2. [​IMG]

    I have the 10740 and I think it's considered a medium ergo hobo. The strap length is 14 inches so drop is about 7". A little tight with a coat on but not bad.

  3. I tried the med ergo tote on at the store and I didn't like the drop. I am bigger than the average girl lol and the bag sat right under my armpit. Not for me. I like the drop of the hobos better.

  4. Oh crap. My bad. confused the hobo for the tote again. sorry!

    yeah, I'm average to fluffier sized and I thought the tote was too tight too under the shoulder, too. cute shape though!

  5. Lol! :roflmfao: You are too funny!
  6. 10743:

    L: 11", W: 4.5", H: 9.5"
    Handle Legth: 17.5", Drop 9"
  7. I have a medium and a large ergo tote and the drop is definitely shorter on the medium. It is much more comfortable on the large. I don't know exact measurements, sorry. HTH