Droopy Multicolour Speedys...or an Ursula??

  1. Can anyone tell me do they have a problem of the speedys changing shape, such that the bag is pulled downwards making the bag itself stretch downwards?
    I am considering getting one until I saw someone carry theirs into an LV shop and thought that the bag looks weird when items inside pull it down.
    Also does anyone know what year this bag was released, and how much it originally was?

    I am stuck between waiting for an Ursula but totally love the MC speedy....which is better?!

  2. I've seen a couple of girls here carrying MC Speedys and both Speedys were sagging...majorly.
  3. LOL, sounds like you are are already leaning toward the usula...
  4. Yeah with an Ursula I can't quite see it yet in person whilst yesterday when i went into LV I saw the MC black speedy and it was sooooooo gorgeous :p was on the verge of breaking down :crybaby: as I wanted to take it home but I still want to be able to see the Ursula when it comes out!
    I was wondering as the MC speedy is such a popular bag yet does no one actually minds the saggy look??

  5. I like the MC Speedy better

    It's not very saggy..... I put a piece of fabric coated cardboard on the bottom, carry whatever I need which only fill's up 1/2 the bag, and then stuff the biggest scarf I can find to fill the top. I don't like the saggy look either, but the stuffing really helps to keep the shape:yes:
  6. I have thin cardboard in the bottom of mine & I really don't think I carry loads of heavy stuff- let's face it , the MC Speedy is a pretty heavy bag when it's empty anyway.
    I love my MC Speedy.
  7. Definitely go with the speedy!
  8. I personally don't like any of the brand new MC styles coming out....I'd also get the speedy and do what the others have said, put a piece of cardboard or even a magazine along the bottom to help prevent sagging (I personally like the sag). Let us know what you decide to do....good luck!! :smile:
  9. So anyone know what year this bag was released?

  10. some people actually like the sag, not me...but still...
  11. I say go with the Speedy. The Ursula is cute..but its a big bag.

    My MC speedy doesn't sag at all..but now that I think about it..I have an agenda at the bottom, and that is probably what prevents the sagging.

    I got a MC Rita as well.. and I **adore** it. I have never gotten as many compliments on a bag I was carrying like I do with the Rita.

    Heres a pic of the Rita and the Speedy side by side..
  12. is the rita bigger than the ursula!?

  13. Not even close! The Ursula is way bigger. The Rita is more on the Speedy side.
  14. Oooohhh.....well I guess theres no harm in waiting for the Ursula before I decide to buy a Speedy or not! So does anyone know when the Speedy MC was first released?!!?

  15. I honestly still prefer the Speedys. The new styles don't do it for me.