Droooool....hello my pretty....shoes!

  1. I’ve been looking on the Chanel website at the new season’s collections (important work for a Thursday morning…:busted), and come across the prettiest pair of Chanel shoes. I’m in love!!! :heart:

    I’ve never even looked at Chanel shoes before given my obsession with their handbags, so wouldn’t have a clue about their retail price. Could anyone help me out with how much I might expect to pay for such beauties? :happydance:

  2. Pretty shoes! The retail on those shoes is $1050. It's part of the 07 fall/winter collection so you can probably find them in stores now.
  3. Thanks for the info gators! That's rather pricey...I could have a timeless clutch for that :amazed: Oh, but I do love them...I think I'm going to have to buy a lottery ticket for this weekend. These prices are killing me :sweatdrop:
  4. ^^^ LOL, chanel shoes are really amazing and the ones you posted a pic of are beautiful, but they come at terribly high prices :crybaby:.
  5. They are stunning... is that a tiny CC logo? I'd like it better without that.
  6. They are adorable! Wouldn't have the faintest clue as to the price though.
  7. love it.
  8. hot!
  9. wow! its stunning =D
  10. Excellent Pick They Are The Hottest Ever!!!!!!!