Droolworthy Sky Blue Day/Hobo w/ BIN

  1. wahhh.... gorgeous!:nuts:
    but I'm broke, since this morning:sad:
  2. Great price!! If only i weren't sitting on my hands here waiting for a possibly lost (and pricy) DOLMA CITY to arrive in the post ... so sad! can't bid on anything with the possibility that I might be out major $$$
  3. Nooooooo this is too gorgeous!!!!!!! :love:

    Why is Uni so expensive??? :sad: It's keeping me from buying my dream bags lol! Someone get this quick, it's SUCH a great deal!!! And post pictures... so I can live vicariously through you... :graucho:
  4. Yes GORG, I was going to buy it but she only paid $495.00 for it how did it manage to go up in price when it is very used?
  5. It drives me nuts when people do that!:yucky:
  6. I think the price is extremely reasonable for this bag. Keep in mind that the seller has to pay a percentage of the price to eBay for listing fees and final value fees as well as 3% of the sale price to paypal.

    This bag looks to be in very good condtion and IMO, this is a great price for a sky blue day bag.
  7. I sell a lot on eBay and the fees are not that bad I could understand a price of 525.00 but not almost 120.00. Maybe she paid a lot in shipping! It's a good price very a very used bag.
  8. The bag is used but not in bad condition. It is a sought after color in a great style. This bag is not available in stores. Put these factors together and you have the price increase which I find to be extremely reasonable. I think the seller could have asked for more to be honest. All in all a very good deal.
  9. Sellers don't have an obligation to pass on their savings an a great find to strangers on eBay. They're wise to charge what the market will allow them to charge. This is a good price, even if the seller originally paid $20 for it.
  10. What'd you do this morning? (Nosey me...:wtf: )
  11. Hi, I sold this bag to that seller at $520 ($495 + $25 shipping) right after Christmas. It was kind of dirty on the bottom of the bag, but I think she cleaned the bag, so it looks cleaner and better condition to what I sold to her. Overall, the bag has really soft and thick leather, the leather is better than any of my 05 bbag.

    Anyway, I guess with the free shipping, paypal, ebay fee, she probably is making $50 from it.
  12. Thanks for chiming in and clearing up any doubts.:yes:
  13. Totally agree with you!:yes:
  14. OMG!!!!!!!!! She has a ghost!!!!!! Me want that!!!!!!!!!:love: :girlsigh: :love: