1. DO IT! :devil:
  2. Very nice!!!!:angel:
  3. It's a lot of money but SO....perfect;) I wonder why it says new without tags when she has them pictured...maybe without tags attached?
  4. Ooooooo.... I have this in the Khaki TST and it is an awesome bag!
  5. Nice~:love:
  6. A bit of a hefty price, but it's in a really perfect condition like you mentioned. :nuts:

    Hmmm... dunno why it says NWOT... :shrugs:
  7. i really need the money for tuition @ school....BUT. I didn't get myself a xmas present this year :p
  8. Hehehe agree DO IT:devil:
  9. Gorgeous and go for it! ;)
  10. I would usually say just BIN but if it means using your school money than I have to say that it is just a bag and is nowhere near as important as school. JMO.
  11. cute! get it!
  12. karen is a great ebayer and person!

    you should totally buy it!
  13. I like it.
  14. Yeah, if you can swing the bag AND school then GO FOR IT! :devil: You know we wouldn't turn you away here! :biggrin: But maybe hold off until you pay for school and see how much you have leftover?