1. let-trade has a MIZI!!! I wish I could afford one :sad: It looks like it's in perfect condition too...:crybaby:

  2. Gorgeous! Love that bag - how much is it?
  3. Oh My it is GORGEOUS!
  4. oooohhh...pretttty! how much is it?
  5. There are SO MANY bags they have for sale that I am dying to have!!! If I didn't have a blue Le Fab, that blue suhali would have been mine already!!!:nuts:
  6. Gosh, they have so many nice bags right now:hysteric: :crybaby:
  7. Let-Trade ROCKS! :heart:
  8. I feel you Chanelvgirl!! I want a few of the bags they have up for sale right now, but I'm super broke :sad:
  9. I bet this bag will sell really quick!

  10. That is a very nice bag.:yahoo:
  11. Did anybody get it yet???
  12. I saw it earlier today too... oh drools... I also like that little black suhali.
  13. I love it :heart:
  14. Sigh.. I wish I had a money tree.
  15. me too... *sigh* :crybaby:
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