"Drooler of the day"

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  1. Check out this Togo Mou Bolide. I don't think I'd ever dare carry a white Hermes unless I left the raincoat on it:lol: but isn't it a pretty sight to see?
    Photocredit to MightyKismet.

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  2. That is gorgeous! Totally drooling over that one!
  3. That color is gorgeous! I just can't pull it off for me since I'm afraid it will get dirty.
  4. I love the Bolide and want this same Mou style in blue jean!
  5. Cute :biggrin: I love that color on it, I don't really care for the darker color bolides.
  6. Bagpuss, thanks lots! That white Mou Bolide is definitely 100000% drool-worthy!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    The leather looks like Clemence, which is sooo soft & buttery to touch! :love: