1. I was at the LV store yesterday and I saw the Stephen bag in the new Monogram Cuir Embosse line. So GORGEOUS! I mean I still don't like the patent leather or the chunky chain strap, but I LOVE the embossed matte leather and the beautiful pleated leather. :drool::love::heart:

    Anyone else seen it?
  2. Yup. When I was at the boutique 2 weeks ago, I saw a white Monogram Cuir Embosse on dispay. It was eyegasmic.
  3. does anyone have pics of the stephen embosse, i would like to see the colors it came in. thanks so much
  4. i love that bag!
  5. :drool: sounds so pretty!!!
  6. What color did u see? (I think there are 2 colors for the bag, right?)
  7. Sounds pretty
  8. Beautiful
  9. Seems to be a gorgeous bag ~ anyone have pics ? :search:
  10. Lovely.
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