*Drool!* Someone w/ shoe sz 40 must get these!!

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  1. Im always looking for 2 types of LV shoes in my size (36). The mini monogram pump in green with the 3 buckles across the toe and the satin cherry ballet shoes. Well on eBay I saw these treasures NEVER WORN for $379 :nuts:. Of course they are 4 sizes bigger than my foot. Someone should snatch these up, they def have me drooling.


  2. omg, those are freaking adorable!!!!!
  3. damn, that's my size but I'm broke right now....
  4. sweet pair of shoes...........and in my size too!
  5. Pretty shoes and my size too...But one scuff or dirt mark on that satin and I would be crying :crybaby:
  6. my size too but I'm not a fan of those but if they where Balmorals I'd be all over them
  7. they are so cute! But I think I wear a 36
  8. You 4 ladies above me have some perfect feet right now lol. Everytime I see a hot pair of shoes on eBay, its always a 39 to 40. I want some bigger feet!!
  9. I'm a 40/41. I have a mastiff and he tromps all over my feet when I walk. I couldnt imagine those shoes after one minute with him. lol

    My dream shoes are the white or black MC wedge heels from the first season they made them- Jess Simpson shoes. I have YET to find them in my size. They're always 36 or 37!
  10. Those are to cute i love them.
  11. Cute shoes and my size hmmmm.....
  12. aw i have tiny feet compared to all of tou pfers. im a 35 or a 36. TINY!
    those shoes are very cute
  13. if only they were smaller....... ^_^
  14. If only they were 2 sizes smaller! :sad: