Drool: Croc instant gratification

  1. yea...but OMG, the premium u have to pay in the end!!!
  2. YEAH SOOO $$$$$, but that blue roi kelly is TDF!!!!!!:love::love::drool::drool:
  3. yeah... true... but still, to see them all at the same place just ready to be taken home. They're all so beautiful.
  4. Absolutely gorgeous but I agree with PBC - yikes, the premium. At least we can dream.
  5. ^^^ hi "L"!!! h-town "waving" to u!!! come back and visit us soon!!!
  6. and bring your black box kelly too!!! We want to drool some more!!!!:drool::drool::drool::drool::love::love:
  7. So, would everyone agree these auctions are for authentic bags?? The terms and conditions are too messy to read through. :P
  8. I am disappointed in the pictures and details...quite vague on descriptions.
  9. Agree, not much description and detailed photos...some of the regular eBay sellers show even more photos than them.
  10. UG - those descriptions and pics are awful! You really don't know what you're getting! But the bags look amazing!
  11. I promise I'll be back soon, we should do something together for the holidays... don't know you guy's schedule though, but we can plan it out later, and I'll bring Miss BB Kelly back :P
  12. *sigh* this just made my evening... thank you!