Drk Silver Reissue 226 vs. 09 Navy Jumbo Caviar Flap...Please help me choose!

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The winner?

  1. Drk Silver reissue 226 flap

  2. 09 Navy caviar Jumbo Flap

  3. Neither

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi Guys,

    I would really like to get your opinion on this one since you are so insightful on the subject. I have to choose between the dark silver reissue 226 flap or the 09 navy caviar jumbo flap. Which should i choose/keep? I cant keep both.

    thanks alot!!!
  2. which year of DS 226 you are considering???
  3. I think its the 08 fall/winter.
  4. My choice would be the Dark Silver reissue! I think both are gorgeous and you won't go wrong with either...
  5. 08 DS is just gorgeous!! Easy to wear too.
  6. Thanks guys!!! I think I will go with the navy caviar jumbo. I think its more casual which is what I mostly wear. I love the DS but I feel that its more a going-out bag and not for everyday. I am so undecisive it just kills me. :sad:
  7. DS is fabulous, but if you want an everyday bag then the navy caviar would be a better choice. It's an easy colour to match with many outfits and the leather would be very hardwearing.