Driving With Heels !!

  1. Can you drive in your heels ? Do you have special driving shoes ? Isn't it difficult to do ? Is it dangerous ?

    I cant drive in heels, I have to have flat shoes to wear, especially if I'm driving long distance.
  2. I can't. I don't drive but when I was getting my license back in the Philippines I tried that once and nope, it's not gonna work.
  3. I sure can drive in heels! Just have to adjust the seat and vrrroooooom, I'm off! :yes:
  4. i can drive with any shoes, but the only thing is that it messes up my heel...it either scrapes the back of my stilettos or gets the heel of my shoe dirty.
  5. I can only drive with heels. If I go long distance, I have to wear heels and then I can switch to running shoes. Cant drive in running shoes.
  6. nope i always take my heels off and put flats on
  7. Driving in Heels - YES! But, driving in boots - NO! I always have to take off my boots in order to drive.
  8. Nope... It isn't comfortable for me regardless of where my seat is positioned. They always seem to get in the way.
  9. I take off the heels and put on a pair of Tods driving shoes..
  10. i can drive in any shoes :rochard:: heels, sneakers, flip-flops, even boots. i've always driven with shoes on simply because i'm lazy to take them off and put them back on.

    i have a friend who has to drive barefoot, because she says she can't feel the pedals if she has anything on her feet.
  11. I can drive in any kind of shoe but I usually don't drive in heels or any shoes that I paid a lot of money for because I drive a stick and all the shifting wrecks the backs of them.

  12. :yes: Me too. I cant tell you the amount of heeled boots I have ruined while driving a manual transmission.
    The only shoes that bother me a bit are ones with really thick soles - like platform flipflops and what not.
  13. I can't drive in heels, but i can ride a bike in them :roflmfao:
    I can't even driv in kitten heels, not even flat shoes with a leather sole because it's too slipery. I always have to drive either in tennis shoes, shoes with a flat rubber sole or barefoot :shame:
  14. I can't drive in heels...I just take them off and drive barefoot. =)
  15. I can drive in any kind of shoe.