Driving with Emergency Brake On

  1. I finally got my driver's license and wanted to get used to our one and only car that I've never driven before. So I went around the block a few times and smelled this awful burning rubber smell. Hubby came out when he saw me in front of the house and started yelling at me that I was driving with the emergency brake on. Ok, it was stupid but unintentional. I learned my lesson. He told me I burned his brakes out. I only went around the block maybe five times, doing right turns and k turns. Did I do any damage to the car? He said he won't get the brakes checked out until two weeks from now. Is it safe to drive the car? I need to get to Costco's like yesterday!
  2. I'd say if you made it 5 feet with the E brake on it wasnt good to start with.

    A few weeks ago i had b/f change my tire around, he had jacked up the car so he the E-brake on. Once he was done he told to me take it for a drivea nd make sure everything was ok. I started my car, put it in gear and the car wouldnt move. I was like :wtf: whats wrong. He started laughing and told me to take the E-brake off :shrugs: I never use that thing.

    So it seems to me that there wasnt much brake there,
    JMO but i'm not a repair man.
  3. I've driven with the E brake on for a few minutes. It was fine.
  4. You can burn out you're E brake...but I don't think it affects the regular brakes (my little brother always uses his Ebrake to stop and make turns...and his regular brakes were fine even after we wore out the Ebrake)
  5. I would say go get the E-brake checked and u wouldn't want to stop on a slope with a faulty brake...
  6. Thanks! I smelled burning rubber, so I must have made it worse!

    DH isn't very nice about it. He never taught me anything about the car, so he shouldn't be so mad about my doing things wrong. I paid the driving school lots of money for lotsa lessons. Never learned about the ebrake though.

    Oh, and to make me more nervous, he had to stand right next to the car and tell me to back up. First of all, I'm a new driver, and I don't drive with anyone so close to me. Second, I couldn't tell if my wheels were straight, so I didn't want to hit him. Remember that girl who hit her mother when she was learning how to park? So I refused to move the car with him standing right next to the car. He is one of those drivers that beeps and curses whenever someone even remotely gets in his way.
  7. I don't mean this to be rude...but maybe you need some more practive with driving if you don't feel comfortable with backing up when someone is near to you. You should be able to tell if your wheels are straight by looking at your steering wheel.

    I know that it could be a mistake to drive with the emergency brake on, but should be one of the things that you learned in driving school. To check your mirrors, put your seat belt on, and check your emergency brake before driving off.

    It's very possible that you driving with the emergency brake on could have damaged the piston in the brake cylinder. Please have your brakes checked before going on another long road trip, you don't want your brakes to go out on you and have your emergency brake not work.

    I really don't mean to be harsh on you - but I can completely understand how upset your Husband must be. I'd be furious myself...
  8. Omg, one time my bf was helping me drive my car out to school... i never use the e-brake unless I'm on a really big slant, but apparently he uses it all the time (seriously, I had never met someone like that before, but he claims it is normal, lol maybe in New Jersey!) and anyway, I think I drove from Pennsylvania to Washington DC with it on! My car kept having a ringing noise, and you'd think "red flag, Alison, look around and find what is wrong" but no... because I just had a different problem with the car fixed that caused that too... so I just figured it hadn't been fixed correctly. And then I *****ed him out when I realized it was because he turned the e-brake on and didn't even remind me to check it, because since I use it once in a blue moon I'd never think of it! Anyway, took my car to be checked out the next day and the mechanic said my brakes were fine. Isn't that weird? Never even had a problem with my e-brakes.

    I say you're totally fine driving to Costco!
  9. What do you think I was trying to do by taking the car out around the block? Not practice? Also, what if you turn the wheel either way once? Your steering wheel is straight but the wheels are not. I was just trying to be safe. Plus he was yelling and making me nervous.

    They don't teach you about the emergency brakes in driving school, at least not my teacher. They teach you how to pass the road test.

    By the time I was through with Dh, he was begging me to drive the car again.
  10. Thanks for letting me know I am not the only one. Did you smell something burning.
  11. It's ok, birkinbaby, everyone makes mistakes when they start driving. I totally did the driving with the emergency brake on as well as a new driver! I couldn't figure out why the car wouldn't accelerate, I thought I'd blown out the engine. It just happens, now you know, it's no big deal. Heck, probably half of new drivers get into accidents, you're way ahead of the curve if the emergency brake is your only mistake. And you're trying to be safe, that's the most important part.
  12. No need to get upset. I was just stating my opinion. I know what it's like to be a new driver and I was also nervous while driving by myself. When I said "a little bit more practice" I meant with someone in the car with you. Like I said, i didn't mean to be rude and I'm sorry if I made you mad or hurt your feelings.

    In both of the driving schools that I went to, they taught me about the emergency brake in the section when you learn about what to do and check before driving the car. Maybe yours didn't, I don't know. I'm just saying that both of the ones that I went to did.

    ...But I bet you'll check the emergency brake next time!! :yes: When I've got my emergency brake in, my car beeps twice when I start it to remind me to take it out, but I harldy ever have it in (unless parked on a super steep hill) so I don't have to worry about it much!
  13. The Ebrake only affects the rear wheels. While you may have it worn out, you should be fine with your regular brakes. Get em checked out asap.
  14. Hypothethically what would happen if one happens to be driving a BMW because it's real-wheel drive, would you be in trouble?

    birkinbaby, if you are still not confident about reverse parking, then I strongly suggest you don't drive to do supermarket shopping alone - isn't that exactly the place where you need to do lots of these reversings? Actually if you driving an automatic transmission then it shouldn't be difficult, you just do nothing with your feet and only with your hands, that's it. And isn't there some kind of beep in your car when you move with the e-brake on?
  15. In all of the cars that I've owned (Golf, Supra, Accord, Taurus) they've had beep beep things when you put it in Drive with the ebrake on