Driving shoes

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  1. Just out of curiosity, does any one here have a special pair of shoes just for driving? I think I should get a pair since I like to wear heels but I don't like to drive in them. Uggs look very comfortable. I think they're hideous but I wouldn't mind driving in them if nobody saw. Is it too clunky though?
  2. I'm guessing as you are in the US you probably drive an automatic so Uggs would be fine, a little more tricky when you drive manual. Otherwise why not get something "like" a Tod's driving shoe that you can leave in the car
  3. I love my Tods driving mocs. I leave them in the car all the time. They are heel lifesavers:yes:
  4. If I'm in my "Good" heels then I'll take a pair of flats to drive in.
  5. yep, love tods driving shoes. you could get a pair of suede ones, they are really soft.
  6. Recently I saw that my D&G heels were scuffed because of driving:crybaby:not very much but still.So I'm considering a second pair in the car...
  7. I like to drive in my bare feet. I feel like I have more control.

    Then again, I drive an automatic.
  8. I have an old tennis shoe in my car. Yeah, it is not elegant but it is definitely the most comfortable thing to drive in the whole world. I used to carry flats with me to drive until I noticed they were getting unevenly marked (I drive automatic) so I switched for nikes :smile:
  9. If you are thinking about getting a pair of shoes for driving, definetly check out Tods and Prada - they make driving shoes that are quite stylish.
  10. One word...TOD'S!
  11. I have a pair of flip flops in my car. I can drive with heels they're no discomfort here. I just don't want to ruin my shoes so flipflops in the glove compartment is all I need.