Driving Pet Peeves

  1. Can I tell you a lady followed me to my mother's subdivision to tell ME that I was in her blind spot as she attempted to get over (while using NO signal) and that I almost hit her?? I let her ass have it :angry: LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP! I should've drove her ass to an unsavory part of town and let her get froggy there!
  2. Squeezing into ur space without a signal almost causing u to rear end them.

    Sunday drivers.

    People who read while driving - I'm talking about seeing ppl read a newspaper or book, no kidding.
  3. People on their phone while driving.
    People who don't use their signal light...it's there for a reason!!
    People who sit at the green light like they're trying to decide if they want to go or not.
  4. go the speed limit or stay to the right, use your turn signals, and stay right except to pass
  5. You're backing out of a parking spot, cars on both sides of you. You check your mirrors, look around as best you can with your head swiveling like a perverted bobble-head doll, You start moving while still checking and re-checking to make sure your oath is clear. You move a little more, check again and some goofball is walking directly behind you. No matter how slow you're moving or how careful you are, if you had bumped them, it would be your fault.

    Common sense says a pedestrian can see a moving vehicle far easier than a driver can see them in a mirror, so when you're walking in a parking lot, DON'T WALK BEHIND A MOVING CAR!!!
  6. People who take their sweet time getting up to speed on the freeway on ramp. Drives me crazy to be behind them when they are still going 40 mph at the top of the ramp. Use the durned accelerator. It's the long pedal on the right!

    Oblivious drivers. This includes people on cell phones. Or people who seem to have to turn their head to talk to the passenger. Keep your eyes on the road and pay attention. People who drive slow in the fast lane or drive side by side with other slow drivers and block traffic.

    White line pushers. The people who see the sign that the lane ends and instead of getting over right away wait until the white line on the right pushes them over.

    Maniac parking lot drivers who drive really fast through parking lots. Even though there are people walking and people backing out.
  7. ...other drivers - lol
  8. :goodpost:
  9. People who excessively lean into turns with their body while driving. Like theyre driving a go-kart or are NASCAR drivers or something.

    People who flick their cigarettes out the window from their cars!

    People who smoke in their cars while kids are passengers. A form of child abuse in my personal opinion.
  10. You are trying to cross an intersection which is blocked up by cars waiting for the light at the next block and cars intentionally drive into the intersection because they want to make sure they get to move when the light eventiually changes. Blocking the box basically.

    I had that this AM and the woman who scooted into the box when I tried to pass between her car and the one in front of hers actually cursed me out.

    Where exactly was she intending on going that I couldnt pass in front of her?
  11. I came here to post that as my pet peeve!

    Another one is when you're backing out of a space, and some jack*** sees you but instead of stopping & letting you the rest of the way out of the space, he pulls right behind you nearly causing you to back into him. Especially annoying when the person who does that is in a smaller car that I can't SEE.
  12. Another one...

    The people that insist on double parking, directly opposite where another car is double parked, effectively closing off all traffic in both ways except for one lane.
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    *People who park over the line
    *People who give dirty looks
    *People who merge doing 30 mph
    *People who do 30 mph on the freeway
    *People who ride my ass when I do 80
    *People who don't turn off blinkers after turns or lane changes
    *People who insist on getting into my lane with no signal(if you signal I let you in)
    *People who have so much base in their music it causes my car to vibrate
    *People who don't let me in after I signal
    *People who don't look when they back out
    *People who have highbeams on constantly even after I flash you
    *People who float across my lane day dreaming
    *People who come from the wrong side of the parking lot to steal my parking spot I have been waiting on
    *People who don't stop long for pedestrians(sorry we don't walk as fast as you drive)
    *People who have really long vehicles and dont pull in the space all the way
    *People who think they are from the movies "Fast & Furious" I really don't care about you souped up Honda
    *People who try to race me(I drive BMW because I enjoy the ride not to pretend I'm in NASCAR)
    *People who turn right but don't move all the way to the right
    *People who turn right from the left lane
    *People who put on make up in the car

    Hmm I guess that is it for now!
  14. Here are a few more:

    People who don't get into the turning lane to make a left hand turn. Or who only get halfway in it so you still can't get around.

    When someone misses their exit and comes to a dead stop in front of 80 mph + traffic nearly causing a pile up so they have about an inch to still make their exit by driving across the grass divider.
  15. People who do 50 mph in the passing lane when the speed limit is 75
    People who don't use their turn signals- jump in front of me without a turn signal, and you will get the finger.

    Pretty much all of my pet peeves have already been noted in this thread. The two above aggravate me the most.