Driving husbands and boyfriends crazy?

  1. Well I'm pretty much obsessed with Chanel, like everyone here. Don't you girls also share it with your lovely husband/boyfriend? I think I drove my boyfriend pretty much insane hahah

    Well after a year showing my boyfriend so many pictures of Chanel, he even notice Chanel bags now. Like this one time, he was at school, a classmate of him had a fake Chanel bag, he messaged me with 'OMG there is a girl with a obvious fake Chanel!' LOL. And another time we were watching a movie, he suddenly said 'hey, isn't that lady wearing a Chanel bag?'. I didn't even mention! He's getting girly! Haha

    Do you girls have any stories about your love and Chanel? I would love to hear! I am bored right now xp
  2. lol... that's really funny about your boyfriend being so well informed on Chanel!:smile:

    My husand is getting the same way, he was at the Casino a few weeks ago and told me there was a lady at the table with a Chanel bag, he said hers was really really really shiny, lol... he had never seen "patent" before, all my bags are caviar... but he
    notices now...makes me laugh:smile:
  3. That's so cute! This weekend my boyf and my bestie's fiAnce were complaining about our Chanel craziness and wondered how we'd react if they had similar habits!
  4. Hahahah I bet he's starting to love chanel too! it's funny to see how they react! Another time my dad was driving his car, i suddenly saw someone with a Chanel bag, I was like CHANEL! haha my dad was like where where?? My mom was like omg! Don't look, you're driving!
  5. Hahaha it's a woman thing. I don't think men will ever understand xp it's even funnier to see when there's a price increase, they will be like.. Oh nooo!
  6. Yep! My boyfriend has already suggested "why not hermes then?!" I guess I'm happy it doesn't anger him like it does some men--then I'd really be in trouble!!!
  7. YES!!!! I've driven my DH completely insane w my Chanel blah blah blah this and seasonal colors blah blah blah that! He sits there like I'm speaking to him in Greek. When we were in Paris I dragged him to all the chanel and lv stores (like everyone else on the forum)! Although he does not like chanel and my bag addiction, he knows how much I love my bags... So if he spots a Chanel, he'll chastise me by squishing his face and nodding over..."your Chanel thingy is over there"...LOL!!
  8. Hahaha! That's very funny! It doesn't anger my boyfriend too, but sometimes when i literally talk about Chanel for days, he would be like, Chanel again?!

  9. LOL!!! You're parents and bf are soooo hilarious!!!!!! I like them already!!!!
  10. DH rolls his eyes but it's soo bad now that my 4 yr old was at a family thing and she asked "are those Chanel glasses"? Then she goes oh no never mind - they don't have the 2 c's...
  11. LOL I'm in the same boat ! My hubby hasn't said anything but he's noticed that I've been spending a lot of time on this forum ! Its too addictive !!!
  12. My bf is able to recognize Chanel including reissue now lol.... Previously he knows nothing abt it haha... He goes with me very often to Chanel boutique and gimme advice which to buy etc...
  13. My DH knows what the caviar and lambskin he even describe my Chanel bags to his friends, that lambskin is as soft as baby's butt...

    And knows if the bag is fake and not..
  14. Omg this is such an awesome thread!! Everything you said about your boyfriend matches everything my husband has done/said to a T! :p
    But there are times where he is so sick of hearing about purses. I am always showing him new bags the I am longing for whether it be Chanel or Balenciaga. He is so aware of the brands and styles of purses now. Although sometimes I feel bad and guilty for obsessing over a purse and sharing that with him, because he does get annoyed at me talking about bags so much. Also, when on the iPad or computer, he will automatically ask, "are you looking at purses again." LOL :biggrin:
  15. Interesting topic! Me too!! I just had my 1st chanel caviar m/l flap... initially he was like what? paying so much for a BAG???! after that no choice due to my persistent.. haha..

    After looking at my bag, he was worried i got a fake one (I brought from a reseller) he went youtube to see other pple unboxing videos and tell me this and that... funny!