driving gloves - the saga ends!

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  1. in the beginning . . . .
    i've been looking for driving gloves, a la victoria beckham, for about 6 months now:

    the search literally went high and low, from the cheap shops in chinatown to chanel and even hermes . . . still i couldn't find the one magic pair that looked exactly as i had envisioned! (to be honest, i don't even *quite* like victoria's enough to buy them :sweatdrop:

    finally, one day, i threw down the gauntlet and resolved to do one last search online, after which i would foresake the driving glove quest forever!

    lo and behold . . . on page 12 of the search results

    SUCCESS!!! :yahoo:

    . . . .BUT. the company was in sweden. they don't distribute in the U.S. :crybaby:

    undaunted, i emailed the company through the website and began a correspondence with their very kind and accomodating customer service man, who later revealed that he is also the husband of the designer! can't get more mom & pop than that! throughout the past week, we'd been trying to work out some way for me to pay him, but had yet to reach any simple solution . . .
    driving gloves vb.jpg
  2. . . . . and in the end:

    so we hadn't yet quite figured out how i am to get a payment thru for the gloves when a package arrives at my office. an AIRMAIL package?? hmmm . . . .

    opened it up and found . . . .

    :nuts: i couldn't believe it! i was in total [good] shock!!!! but wait . . . . there's more!


    that's right! 1 pair of black suede and 1 pair of creamy ivory nappa leather driving gloves! you have no idea, the leather is just divine - buttery soft and supple!

    anyway, just couldn't resist sharing! i can't wait to build some outfits around these :P

    [​IMG] don't mind my dirty mirror . . . .


    what do you all think??
    black suede driving gloves 2.jpg white leather driving gloves.jpg driving gloves.jpg cream leather driving glove.jpg black suede driving gloves 03.jpg
  3. Fabulous!! You need to spill as to the name....like you I can't find any I like. Dents did a couple of styles for winter but the fit was atrocious
  4. But brand was yours? It looks lovely! I love the look of driving gloves, and I can't wait for Tod's to come out with their version - they ALWAYS do driving gloves every year.

    The one that Victoria Beckham has is by Gucci.
  5. LOVE the suede pair where? what? who? how much? I think i need them and i just bought Hermes gloves.
  6. Those are BEYOND fabulous. I love them! I wish that they were easy to order. I would really like to get an ivory pair.
  7. helllooo dearests! the brand is called "fancy fanny," but unfortunately they don't distribute to the U.S. :crybaby:

    these 2 pairs were the remainder he had from the spring season's collection, and he said they don't do many driving gloves in winter as it's too cold.

    *however* he has promised me a black nappa leather pair next spring season, so I'll definitely post when that collection comes out so everyone can share the excitement :tup:
  8. I'm so happy for you! Congrats!
  9. Great, thanks for the info
  10. very chic!
  11. yaay!! great story and they look fab on you!!!
  12. Did I read this right? He sent them to you for free? You're such a lucky girl ^^

    They look really nice too
  13. haha no, not for free . . . . i'm still waiting for them to have the black nappa available again, so he just told me not to worry abt payment until he has them, since those were the ones i originally asked for :yes:
  14. The gloves are super cool. Will you wear them like VB, just as a fashion accessory?
  15. I want driving gloves!! where do you get them? Im sick of wearing mywinter leather gloves when Im driving.