driving gloves - the saga ends!


feels like pigsomnia
in the beginning . . . .
i've been looking for driving gloves, a la victoria beckham, for about 6 months now:

the search literally went high and low, from the cheap shops in chinatown to chanel and even hermes . . . still i couldn't find the one magic pair that looked exactly as i had envisioned! (to be honest, i don't even *quite* like victoria's enough to buy them :sweatdrop:

finally, one day, i threw down the gauntlet and resolved to do one last search online, after which i would foresake the driving glove quest forever!

lo and behold . . . on page 12 of the search results

SUCCESS!!! :yahoo:

. . . .BUT. the company was in sweden. they don't distribute in the U.S. :crybaby:

undaunted, i emailed the company through the website and began a correspondence with their very kind and accomodating customer service man, who later revealed that he is also the husband of the designer! can't get more mom & pop than that! throughout the past week, we'd been trying to work out some way for me to pay him, but had yet to reach any simple solution . . .



feels like pigsomnia
. . . . and in the end:

so we hadn't yet quite figured out how i am to get a payment thru for the gloves when a package arrives at my office. an AIRMAIL package?? hmmm . . . .

opened it up and found . . . .

:nuts: i couldn't believe it! i was in total [good] shock!!!! but wait . . . . there's more!

that's right! 1 pair of black suede and 1 pair of creamy ivory nappa leather driving gloves! you have no idea, the leather is just divine - buttery soft and supple!

anyway, just couldn't resist sharing! i can't wait to build some outfits around these :P

don't mind my dirty mirror . . . .

what do you all think??



May 4, 2007
Fabulous!! You need to spill as to the name....like you I can't find any I like. Dents did a couple of styles for winter but the fit was atrocious


Sep 11, 2006
But brand was yours? It looks lovely! I love the look of driving gloves, and I can't wait for Tod's to come out with their version - they ALWAYS do driving gloves every year.

The one that Victoria Beckham has is by Gucci.


FYI I am a guy
Apr 20, 2006
LOVE the suede pair where? what? who? how much? I think i need them and i just bought Hermes gloves.


feels like pigsomnia
helllooo dearests! the brand is called "fancy fanny," but unfortunately they don't distribute to the U.S. :crybaby:

these 2 pairs were the remainder he had from the spring season's collection, and he said they don't do many driving gloves in winter as it's too cold.

*however* he has promised me a black nappa leather pair next spring season, so I'll definitely post when that collection comes out so everyone can share the excitement :tup: