Driving cross-country - which bag to take?

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Which bag should I take cross-country?

  1. Colorblock Rory

  2. Coastal Blue Duffle

  3. Graphite/Berry Candace

  4. MFF Duffle - silver

  5. MFF Duffle - brown

  6. MFF Duffle - black

  7. Something else - comment below

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  1. I'll be doing a road trip from Denver, CO to Augusta, GA (Fort Gordon) late next week and I am at a loss on which bag would be best to take. I took my Colorblock Rory to Seattle with me last week, and while it fit perfectly under the airplane seat, I was a tad worried about messing up the leather. (I'm a klutz and rough on my bags.)

    So...help! I'll be on a plane from DC to Denver, then riding in a Jeep to Georgia, setting up my boyfriend in his new apartment, then he'll drive me back up to Virginia. We won't be doing a lot of sightseeing, just taking a nice slow trip because his dog is old and grumpy. So I'll be gone two weeks minimum, cross-country, with only one purse. :faint:

    So here are my main contenders ---


    Colorblock Rory
    Pros: huge, closes completely, handles AND strap, slip and zipper pocket on outside
    Cons: worried about messing up the smooth legacy leather, the tassels splay out, not comfortable crossbody

    Coastal Blue Duffle
    Pros: huge, closes completely, comfortable crossbody strap, slip pocket on outside, won't worry about pebbled leather as much, will remove tassels so won't worry about them
    Cons: no handles, haven't worn much so not sure how comfortable it will be, navy seems less neutral than browns

    MFF Duffle (silver, brown, black)
    Pros: have used often, comfortable crossbody strap, won't worry about messing up at all, closes completely
    Cons: not as big as Rory or Duffle, shape is not as elegant when stuffed full

    Graphite/Berry Candace
    Pros: won't worry about textured leather, huge, will stand nicely on floor of jeep
    Cons: no shoulder or crossbody strap, will lose shape and/or fall over if overloaded, has open spaces on sides when closed

    As far as colors and outfits go, it will be a very casual trip, jeans and boots and a leather jacket most days, with lots of darker tones - grays and greens and blue and purples. My boots and jacket are both dark gray.

    And while I was able to sneak a Mini Tanner in my bag to Seattle for dressy outings, I'll be packing for two weeks in ONE carry-on, so I think I'll have to take a couple of wristlets in case we go somewhere I don't want to haul a huge bag to.

    Hmm. Might be time to invest in that Madison Mini Satchel or a Swingpack...
  2. I would pick the coastal blue duffle.

    I'm so glad you started this thread. I have the same decision.

    I have a large saffiano tote that I'm planning on using for the plane because I figure it is almost indestructible.

    I have the same worries about bringing a leather bag that can be scratched easily.

    I am also bringing my Park violet crossbody bag. It is small enough to fit in the tote. It is super comfortable to wear and super light weight because it is fabric.

    My problem is that the saffiano is red and the Park is ocelot with red trim. Neither are neutral enough to go with everything, and neither of them are dressy. The truth is I don't own a lot of neutral bags and most of those are casual. I'll be going to a wedding so I need something dressy. I still haven't decided what to do about that.

    Like you, I'm limited by what I can fit in my luggage but I'll have a little more room than you since I'll be checking a suitcase. We'll be driving for about a month and I'm used to changing bags several times a week. I'm also a little afraid to pack a purse in my checked luggage.
  3. My first thought was the rory - twins! I've traveled with mine a few times - mainly for business and I agree about worrying about the leather. I was so good the first time I traveled and even put it in its dustbag when I put it under the seat (Yea I realize I probably looked crazy) but as I traveled I got a little more lax and stopped using the dustbag and got a little scuff on the front light part of the leather... It's nothing a little apple care and elbow grease won't take care of, but still...

    that's why my vote is for the coastal blue duffle - the textured leather should hold up great and the strap options make it helpful for traveling with the cross-body option or shoulder wear. I have a textured legacy black duffle and it is my go-to bag now if I'm doing anything that I'm remotely worried might damage my purse, but also want to be hands free (mainly baseball/hockey games). If you're reaaallly worried, I would go with one of the MFF duffles, but since you can only choose one I would go with the costal blue duffle.
  4. Coastal blue duffle bag. Blue is very neutral and goes with a lot more than you think it would. Adjusting the strap is easy if you need to.
  5. I'd take that blue duffle
  6. You caught my attention by including those 3 MFF Duffles (one of my favorite bags) but you had me at Jeep. Take the black duffle. You can't go wrong with it.

    Now, what model & color Jeep is it? :graucho:
  7. I would take the blue duffle. When I do long road trips, I end up taking my bag in and out of the car alot, but I only use my phone, one or two cards, and keys. I hate having to dig around in it every time, so I would use that outside pocket for easy access. You can also zip the duffle (right?) so that would make it more secure to me. Falling around in the car I worry that something might fall out and I won't even notice.
  8. Not a legacy leather bag, pebbled leather seems perfect for travel and can handle uncertain weather.
  9. I wouldn't take a bag that only has long strap, I would want to have long strap and handles. I agree about taking a wrist-let or a clutch that you could grab to go out, in fact keep it inside your bag with essentials and then grab out of the bag when you go somewhere
  10. I asked my boyfriend to send me a picture just for you! It's a 2014, some kind of special edition, blah blah blah. All I know is it's a Wrangler and has stars on it! I love them.


    (And he does not park like that when he is with me, I don't know what that boy was thinking.)
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    One of the MFF duffles. Duffles are great for travel. You can wear it crossbody or double the strap up for shoulder wear. A wristlet is a good idea (I carry them in my bags anyway for organization) for dinner. When I take a trip I always take a duffle and a swingpack. The wingpacks are great because they are petite but my hands are free (unlike the wristlet). Color? either would do. Black is practical but the silver has pop!

  12. Awesome!!! I know exactly what edition that is, lol. Tell him I said he needs a set of 35's on that beast! :cool:

    He was thinking "Jeep porn" since it was a photo op. LOL!
  13. Coastal blue duffle. It will hold a lot for travelling, I would use a wristlet for dinners out or shopping. Nice Collection.