Drivers License for Chanel?

  1. I just called a Nordstroms to be wait listed for a Fall bag. The SA, named a Jackie, requested my Nordstrom credit card number and my Drivers License number to hold the bag. I only gave her my Nordstroms account number, not my drivers license, but I'm starting to think I shoulden't have even given her that.

    Has anyone else had to give this information just to be waitl listed?
  2. I don't understand why you need to leave your seems unnecessary/excessive since you've left your CC number already.
  3. Yikes, that sounds very odd. I would call Customer Service to double check if that is standard for their store or not. I may be being paranoid, but better be safe than sorry. Good Luck!
  4. when i was waitlisted for a bag through neiman's all i gave them was my name and phone number.
  5. That does sound odd, I'd follow the call customer service advice. There shouldn't be a reason they need your license, unless they are applying for credit or something.
  6. FRAUD...
    People have been using stolen CC's to order items and have them shipped. If you are being asked that info it is to ensure it is you calling...
    There have been an enormous amount of phone orders placed in the last few months- not just to Nordstroms but to all department stores.
    This is info that I have received..,
    Its second hand information so I can not guarantee it is 100% accurate.
  7. That seems odd to me as well. I've giving my home phone number, addy and CC info but I haven't heard of having to give a DL number.
  8. Oh dont worry about it. I know Jackie. She's from Nordstrom Topanga Park rite?? She's very nice. Always taking care of my charge sends order. And gave me FREE Shipping too. When I called to place an order or to be on a waiting list or a certain bags. She always asked to provide a Nordstrom card and DL too. THis is just to verify due to stolen CC. The DL is to confirm the billing address, and name of the Nordstrom card holder. So, do not worry kay. Jackie is AWESOME!
  9. I would never give out my dl number. most stores verify cc information by checking the billing address with the cc company. with all this identity theft never give out more then you need to.
  10. My guess is that there have been people with stolen cc placing phone orders so she wanted to protect you. That said, in the moment I would have refused to give my DL too...
  11. I talked with a Nordstroms SA on the phone yesterday too. She also asked for my DL for verification. I think it should be okay.