Drivers Licence

  1. Who has there Drivers Licence? How old are you if you do? I have mine! I passed a few months ago, and now I have my own car! It's not exactly top of the range but its enough for me!
  2. I got my drivers license last year december and I am almost 37 !!!!
    I come from Holland and lived in Amsterdam and you just don't need a car there, actually it is more than a hassle to have one... But now that we are more in the States and the kids go to school... I didn't want to rely on my DH anymore... so I have it!!!

    and btw congratulations on yours !!! and drive carefully:smile:
  3. Im 19 got my permit when I was 16, kept it for 6mnths then got my DL! Im on my 2nd car hopefully about to be on my 3rd!!
  4. I've got an american and a german drivers license. Got my american drivers license when I was 16, took me 3 times to pass the test (never learned to parallel park in drivers ed) and I got my German DL about a year ago, but I didn't have to take a test, just fill out some forms :smile:
  5. I got my permit (so I could drive to school without a licensed driver) when I was 15 then my license when I was 16. I'm 27 now.
  6. Oh, forgot to say I'm 22
  7. Got my permit at 15, license a couple days after I turned 16, and been driving ever since...I'm 23 now!
  8. I got my permit when I was 16, had my license and car at 17. I'm on my 2nd car (in the avatar! I love it!!). I'm 19 now and going to get my class 5 in a couple of weeks.
  9. I got my US license when I moved here at 17. In Europe (well, London and Paris for me), public transportation is so convenient that everyone uses it. Cars can be a real hassle there, but you need one in CA. :sad:
  10. Oh, I'm 23 now.
  11. I have mine I got it a few months ago when I turned 16, and I also have a car. I love being able to go were I want to without having to wait for somebody to take me.
  12. Hm. Got my permit at 18, got my license 30 days later. I'm 23 now and love my car :biggrin: