Driver dies after car splits in half during horrific accident

  1. I hate driving here. I live in Northeast houston near the airport. Just today people are passing me going 65 on FM1960 - with all the stoplights and traffic. Focus on the fact that you and your parents were only late and not in the car with that poor guy.
  2. how horrifying! i really dislike it when people drive above the speed limit or "jump" the lights.
  3. It's interesting to me that the driver is only facing manslaughter charges. As far as I'm concerned drunk drivers who kill people are murderers, plain and simple.
  4. I hate hearing stories like this. It makes me so sick to hear how inconsiderate and careless people can be. Drunk driving kills, period. And it always seems to be the innocent people get injured but the drunk drivers turn out ok. Sometimes when I drive late at night I always try to be more careful than usual simply because I know people party and go home late. As careful as I can be, people are idiots and hurt other people. I feel so outraged right now. Just last night as I was driving home on the freeway, I had a guy in a car try to race me. Can you believe it? He was driving really fast and slowed down to line up next to me. Mind you I was driving 80 on the freeway ( Yeah pretty fast, but it was late at night, very few cars) So here I am trying to change lanes to move away from him. Yet he follows me and drives fast all around me. Then he has the nerve to stick his whole arm out of his window trying to tell me to race him. GAH!!! Drunk drivers cause accidents, and street racing. I had a little rant.. just makes me soooo angry.
  5. My horrible.
  6. THat is so sad and very scary. I hope the police can find his family in Vietnam.
  7. I saw this on my local news.. the drunk driver should be charged with more than manslaughter!
  8. I drive by there once a week and it scares me that it could have easily been me. I hope they find his family.

  9. :yes:
  10. That makes me so sad and ANGRY! I feel so bad for the friend who was behind and also his family who was in another country. I HATE drunk drivers, seriously. I do have friends that drive after drinking, and not that I approve but atleast they drive the speed limit, not speeding. Either way is irresponsible:tdown:
  11. This exact same type of accident happened here where I live this week. The car was also split in two...I haven't heard of any deaths yet, but it was also a drunk driver.

    When will enough be enough?
  12. Just another incentive for me to drive as little as possible. Although, I don't know how much safer I would be on a bike. I'm very anti-car at the moment.
  13. wow that is so sad. I hate car accidents, always look so violent.
  14. That is horrible! I don't understand what is wrong with people in this world... If you are going to drink then don't drive. It's a simple concept! Everybody knows the consequences of driving under the influence. So why do people not prepare properly when they are going out and know that their night involves alcohol? It really does anger me because like always, the innocent people are the ones that suffer for other peoples mistakes.