Drive-thru windows

  1. Reggie LOVES to go to a drive through - except the drive through ATM - he does not understand why we go to that one - that one dose not give treats.

    We live in the land of Dunkin Donuts - there's one with a drive through on almost every corner around here. In fact the Dunkins that does the most business of any in the country is here in my town.

    Well one of the DD Drive throughs that we go to gives "milk bones" and the other offers a "munchkin" to doggie passengers.

    Yesterday we went to the munchkin one I could see the expectation on his face....aaaand...Iced treat from the window.....he was sooooo disapointed as I started driving off my poor baby actually grunted. Fortunately I had a couple of treats stashed....I hope those Dunkin people appreciate my saving their reputation with Reg!
  2. Awww, poor Reggie.
  3. That is so funny. When I used to live in Virginia, the Mcdonalds drive thru had milkbones.
  4. Reggie knows a good thing when he's found one! Good thing you keep a few in a stash in the car!
  5. :smile:That's so cute.
  6. lol That's so cute!!
    I seem to only go through the starbucks drive-through with my dogs, and no treats there, but they do usually "aww" over them. :smile:
  7. Years ago I worked for a bank and we started giving out doggie treats to the customers who had them. I personally bought some large Milk Bones for a Great Dane (like Marmaduke) that would come through -- I had a crush on his dad and was hoping to get a date - haha! (Never did.)

    One day, they came through the 2nd lane as the customer in the first lane had a problem and had been sitting there awhile. We sent out a treat but the guy didn't give it to his dog right away. As the car pulled away, the dog opened the back door, jumped out and ran to the first window and threw himself against it barking at us! :roflmfao: He REALLY wanted that treat! LOL!

    We gave him two and his dad learned to lock the doors in the car. :yes:
  8. That is so cute! I have never seen that here in California.