Drinking water before ultrasound?

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  1. During my last OB-GYN appointment, my Dr. noticed a mass. She wanted to verify what it is, and if it's a possible cyst.

    I was reading online about having to drink 32 ounces of water before ultrasounds. However, the Dr. nor the receptionist setting up the appointment mentioned this to me. Is this standard with every ultrasound done? Is it possible I won't need to drink this water?
  2. Hm. I don't know if its standard. It might depend on the type of ultrasound?

    I had an internal and Yes I had to drink all that water. I couldn't wait until it was over to go to the bathroom!
  3. I just had some internal ultrasounds done and the tech told me it better to have a full bladder cause they can see things better.
  4. Maybe just drink it and then when you get there you can ask, if you didn't need it then pee! Last time I did it they said I didn't drink enough, but I had a lot of water so I don't know what happened.
  5. some tests do require the drinking ... i couldn't hold it so i used to bring the water with me & drink it there...if its a transvaginal sonogram then u dont need the water...i would call ahead & ask...
  6. They should tell you if you have to drink that much water. I have had quite a few pelvic ultrasounds where I had to drink that much water. If you were not told that, you may not have to, but I would call and ask to be sure
  7. ive had internal ultrasounds for a dermoid cyst that i have on my ovary and i have never been told to drink that much water before hand. strange
  8. Yes it is very important to feel like you need to pee really bad for an abdominal ultrasound. Having a full bladder helps to move the bowel away from your uterus and allows the ultrasound technician to get a better image.

    Not necessary for the internal ultrasound though.
  9. Yes, there are two methods to get a pelvic ultrasound done. One is transabdominal and the other is transvaginal(internal). For the first one, you need to have a really full bladder to get a better view. The transvaginal ultrasound, you have to empty your bladder to get better view. both studies complement each other, so now a days, you dont necessarily have to have an over extended bladder unless your uterus is really enlarged. HTH
  10. ^^good info to kno :smile: thanks!
  11. For prenatal ultrasounds they tell you to drink that amount of water so your bladder is full and they can see things better - it may depend on the type of ultrasound/where they need to see though. I would just follow the instructions they gave you and take a bottle of water with, just in case. :biggrin:
  12. Totally agree with 4LV. There are two diff. types of ultrasound. For regular ultrasound you have to drink a Lot of water in order to see better (it has to do with waves going through water which allow to visualize better). Another one is trans-vaginal and you do not to drink.
    Call and ask. For example, if you have abdominal or gallbladder ultrasound you can not eat or drink anything at all.