Drinking my last regular Coke...

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  1. Oh boy....this time I'm doing it. I'm giving up regular Coke. I currently drink about the equivalent to 6-8 cans a day...sometimes even more.
    Was watching a show the other day where one of the diet doctors claimed that just cutting out soda can result in almost a pound a week.

    So :drinks: (with Coke instead of beer) to the can of Coke.

    I hope I can do it....everyone tells me that the first week is the hardest...and I'll still get my dose of caffeine from the Diet Coke.
  2. I love diet coke - but i've heard it's worse for you than reg. coke. I try to keep it down to about 1/week. Kudo's for kicking a bad habit - but I'd hate for you to replace it with a worse one... Can anyone verify? I think it's the aspartame...?
  3. You can do it! :nuts: Keep us posted.
  4. Contrary to the numerous urban legends about it, aspartame is not dangerous. However, I agree you should try to avoid even drinking diet sodas too much. The best thing to drink is water.
    You get used to not drinking regular soda. I haven't had a regular Coke in over a year, and I don't miss it. In fact, I took a tiny sip of regular Sierra Mist, and it was so sweet. It was actually gross. My dad found out he is diabetic, and he lost 40 pounds just from quitting regular soda.
  5. this is good news twigs. if you can, cut out soda altogether. there are studies that show that too much soda can contribute to weak bones and osteoperosis. and all that sugar is just plain bad! (not to mention the high fructose corn syrup!)
  6. i actually lost a good 5-10 pounds in college by cutting out regular soda. I too was downing over a 1k in calories a day in soda. by shifting to diet and water it makes a real difference without even exercising. good luck though your body may freak from the sugar withdrawal.
  7. I don't drink regular soda, either. I LOVE the taste of it, but it is just all empty calories!!

    I am a recovering Diet Coke addict LOL...I recently have cut out ALL soda from my diet.

    Now I just drink water, tea, etc and ONCE a week I have an iced caramel machiatto from Starbucks:smile:

    Good luck Twiggers!! You won't regret it:smile:
  8. twiggers, it is true. Ceasing to drink those 6-8 (or more) cans of Coke Classic daily has been without a doubt the single greatest factor in my weight loss (55 lbs in case you missed the first 873 times I've mentioned it).

    Think about it, that's automatically reducing your caloric intake by close to a thousand calories. Even if you do nothing else whatsoever, if you stop drinking those 6-8 cans of coke, you WILL lose weight.

    I used Coke Zero for the first couple of weeks, after which I couldn't (and still can't) bear even the thought of coke zero, but I will always be grateful to it for helping me make that first difficult transition.

    After those first two weeks, I moved to unsweetened carbonated lemon/lime water, and there I still am today.

    Lemon Perrier is probably the most well-known, but I actually prefer Canada Dry.

    (I stopped coke classic immediately about a year ago, when I was diagnosed with diabetes and complications. On my birthday, I had one, and I plan to have another one on my next birthday).
  9. I know someone who drank ALOT of coke and stopped. He lost 20 kilos within weeks!

    Plus, there is so much sugar in Coke-I've seen it rot a tooth soaked in it for 24 hours.
  10. Thanks everyone!!!!!!! I'm drinking my first Diet right now (habit to drink the first Coke at 7 AM...it's like my coffee).
    Oh and I know about all the bad health stuff......my teeth ...well I am a dentists best friend I make him so much money. And I want to get my teeth super healthy with no more recurring cavities so I can eventually get Lumineers.
    I didn't know that about weak bones though....that's a wake up call. I drink abslutely no milk and never have throughout my life (I cannot stand the taste of it).....so kicking the Coke is a good thing there as well!

    Hubby is also diabetic and he had to kick his Coke habit a couple years back....he dropped weight as well!
    We'll see how the weight loss part of it goes....one small step at a time (I can't give up everything I love all at once! I'm too weak willed)!

    Ideally I would like to wean myself off of the caffeine and switch to water....but gotta go slowly!
  11. To add...this is my morning diet coke I'm drinking....and this is the one I love the most....it kicks off my day...and it really doesn't taste that bad!
  12. ^^ I like the taste of diet coke more than regular coke for some reason.. but ive been told that it contains more sugar than the regular coke.. dunno what to believe these days but i decide to cut it out completely from my diet!

    goodluck twiggers and keep us posted!
  13. Good luck!!! Coke is :yucky: You are making very good changes for your health!
  14. Thanks! How is it possible for Diet Soda to contain more sugar? Anyone?
  15. im with ya!!!! im only drinking water and i have noticed that i am less bloated, my skin looks better its hard and i had headaches the first week but that all went away within a few days good luck!!! we shall conquer this together :yahoo: