Drilldown Question

  1. So I actually just found out what it is about a day ago (go me!) and I had a question...

    Say you have a Mini or a wristlet, something that doesn't have a serial number...how would you go about finding that on the drilldown? Would you have to go to that page that girl and her BF made with every single product? Or is there a different way...

    Thanks all!
  2. If you have the price tag that was attached to it you can find the item number on it, then plug it into the drilldown. Otherwise you'd have to use the website you mentioned and just look through all the accessories. I go to eBay too to find item numbers, sometimes the listings will have the item number of the item up for auction.
  3. i usually just use eBay if im too lazy to get out my coach tag folder haha
  4. Help me.

    What is drilldown? Where is it? How do you use it?

    I am a dork.
  5. if you search drilldown you should get some answers to your question ! :smile:
  6. Yeah I did a search for drilldown on titles only. You'll find a lot of information with a search!
  7. Oh! Just remembered the other thing I wanted to ask...

    What's JAX? I did a search and nothing came up.
  8. JAX is the "Coach Headquarters", essentially. They check where certain bags can be found/ordered.
  9. Thanks everyone!
  10. tmc...are you allowed to give out the website where every coach item is listed? If not, could you or someone p.m. me or is that against the rules?
  11. "Would you have to go to that page that girl and her BF made with every single product? "

    ^^^ What site is this ? I am unaware of it . . . :huh:
  12. I don't think its allowed...but I'm PMing both of you right this second! And anyone else who wants it, feel free to give me a holler!! :p
  13. I'd love to know it too! Thanks
  14. ME too!!!!! :heart: